Ambreyewear decided to look into where in the world is best for innovative and creative minds. It took into consideration “innovation, creativity, connectivity, education, wellbeing, and employment opportunities”. Innovation is the home of creativity and progress and new research from Ambreyewear reveals that Lisbon is ranked third in terms of innovation only coming behind Paris and Barcelona.

Most significantly, Lisbon ranked first in the world for Education as the report showed that it is the best place for learning. The findings were that there is access to nearly one university for every square mile, representing a total of 34 universities. Furthermore, two of Lisbon’s public universities are featured in the QS World Rankings 2021 as well as one private university.

The prestigious Lisbon University ranks 357 worldwide and has been commended for having a very high research output. It also has seven science museums which is why it ranks so highly in terms of education.

Lisbon also scored well in terms of creativity and it was ranked eighth in the world due to its city’s 49 art galleries and 31 notable architectural buildings. Finally, it ranked 9 in the world for Media and Technology as it saw 852 technology jobs and 1,187 jobs in Media.