In June, the Metropolitan Council of the Metropolitan Area of ??Lisbon, which has functioned as a transport authority, decided to restore the offer to 90 percent, mainly of buses.

The adjustment of the public transport offer to the resumption of some activities in September, namely school activities, was one of the topics addressed in a meeting together the Secretary of State for Mobility, Eduardo Pinheiro, the president of Mobility and Transport Authority, João Carvalho, transport authorities and intercity communities.

However, for public transport to reach 100 percent again, Carlos Humberto considers that the ideal would be for the Government to reinforce financing for operators so that municipalities do not have to bear these costs alone.

“We needed more funds from the Government, but in the case of AML, the municipalities are already contributing to more than €30 million. If we are unable to convince the Government to increase the contribution, it will have to be the amount that we were preparing for other matters deviated to the reinforcement of the offer”, he pointed out.

According to the 2020 Supplementary Budget, the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto and the inter-municipal communities (CIM) will receive up to €94 million to replenish the offer of public transport.

Regarding the resumption of teaching activities, Carlos Humberto defended the need for schools to coordinate classes with the city councils or with the transport authorities so that they are structured with the transport schedules.