The mural, entitled “Olhar a Ria”, is located at the rear of the Centre for Live Science in the Algarve, facing the Ria and whoever passes by it.

This mural was promoted by Sciaena, with the support of the Municipality of Faro and in partnership with the Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve and the Faro 2027 team (responsible for the candidacy of Faro as the European Capital of Culture).

“It was a pleasure to be able to create a work of this dimension in the city where I live and dedicated to a place as special as the Ria Formosa” said artist Xavier Franck, also explaining that the mural is composed by the representation of two faces, one female and one male that “represent the people of the estuary but who also assert themselves as guardians of this ecosystem” whose biodiversity is also represented in the work.

Cristina Veiga Pires, from the Centre for Live Science in the Algarve, congratulated Sciaena for this partnership that brought the building of the Centre for Live Science of Ria Formosa and its people closer and stated that “the fact that the work represented a female face it is fundamental in that generally the sea is associated only with men but that there are many women who also work in and of the estuary and the sea and who are part of the history of our region”.