The new bags, available in the various dispensers that are scattered in various parts of the county are made of a biodegradable and compostable material, i.e. in composting process they are transformed into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. These bags meet the requirements of the European Standard.

It is recalled that the 'plastic problem' is one of the pressing issues of the day. The European Parliament approved this year the new Community law banning the sale of single-use plastic products from 2021. To that end, steps need to be taken now to achieve a quantitative reduction of other single-use plastic products.

Thus, this initiative, in the area of ??health and public hygiene, emphasizes the municipal commitment to combat climate change and reduce the substantial impacts on the efficient use of resources.

“Make your dog's walk more hygienic and in harmony with the environment!” Is the Municipality's call to all dog owners who are also responsible for keeping the road clean.