At last we have a rigorous set of tests on all kinds of mask by the American Institute of Physics. They have done exhaustive tests and filmed a lot of them so you can see what’s going on. The N95 masks came out best, as expected, though they still let through most of the viruses. The rest were useless. The average mask that we all wear has now been officially regarded as likely to harbour stray viruses in a warm cosy home. But they let through such a large percentage of viruses that they should not be used. I repeat, the scientific tests show they SHOULD NOT BE USED.
How much longer do we have to put up with being bossed around by idiots?
It is now crystal clear that the covid-19 rules have nothing to do with our health.
I’m always loathe to scream ‘conspiracy’, preferring to shout ‘stupidity and incompetence’, and the evidence seems to confirm my view, as most of the various government scientists agree that the rules are absurd and indeed counter-productive.
More and more members of the medical profession are calling for some sanity as universities in the USA start locking down students, causing serious trauma and an increase in suicides, while one of the US’s chief medical officers says the chance of school age children dying of the disease is less than one in a million. But that doesn’t stop an army of little tyrants having a field day bossing people around, and causing untold collateral damage.
It’s time all this nonsense stopped.
Dr John Clare, By email