Masks are useless - now it’s official

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At last we have a rigorous set of tests on all kinds of mask by the American Institute of Physics. They have done exhaustive tests and filmed a lot of them so you can see what’s going on. The N95 masks came out best, as expected, though they still let through most of the viruses. The rest were useless. The average mask that we all wear has now been officially regarded as likely to harbour stray viruses in a warm cosy home. But they let through such a large percentage of viruses that they should not be used. I repeat, the scientific tests show they SHOULD NOT BE USED.
How much longer do we have to put up with being bossed around by idiots?
It is now crystal clear that the covid-19 rules have nothing to do with our health.

I’m always loathe to scream ‘conspiracy’, preferring to shout ‘stupidity and incompetence’, and the evidence seems to confirm my view, as most of the various government scientists agree that the rules are absurd and indeed counter-productive.
More and more members of the medical profession are calling for some sanity as universities in the USA start locking down students, causing serious trauma and an increase in suicides, while one of the US’s chief medical officers says the chance of school age children dying of the disease is less than one in a million. But that doesn’t stop an army of little tyrants having a field day bossing people around, and causing untold collateral damage.
It’s time all this nonsense stopped.
Dr John Clare, By email


Totally true, I completely agree.

By Caroline from Other on 22-03-2021 04:01

Masks are useless and you’re all a bunch of sheep have a mind of your own people and grow some balls I haven’t worn a mask since this started and have been exposed multiple times so have the people around me as well they want you to listen to their demands and they love every minute of scaring you sheep.. like I said GROW SOME BALLS!

By Joe from USA on 05-02-2021 03:46

This letter is just plain wrong.
In fact, the AIP found that N95 masks do the best job, blocking "statistically" (their word) 100% of particles.
It is all the *other* types of masks that people commonly wear which are not 100% effective. A regular cloth mask, in fact, stops only 3.6% of particles according to the AIP.
What the study shows is that governments around the world, and the US government in particular, have done an abysmal job in providing their people with the kind of masks that will make a difference.
Because of that, the AIP was could only conclude that "masks are not enough, they only help", and social distancing is also required even when masks are worn. The API concluded that the two together are effective in slowing transmission of infection.
Read about it for yourself:
publishing.aip dot org | publications | latest-content | masks-not-enough-to-stop-covid-19s-spread-without-distancing

By James from USA on 23-01-2021 01:19

I recently bought a flat in the Algarve and have noticed a disproportionate amount of barking dogs. They are everywhere. It seems their owners encourage it. It is driving me barmy. Are the Portuguese deaf or do they mistreat their animals? I think my love affair with Portugal will be ending very soon.

By Rob Chesworth from UK on 05-01-2021 08:17

You said "The reason for locking down children is because they can pass it to parents and grandparents" are you serious ? It's wrong ! You just don't ear the best scientists of the word...

By KK from Other on 13-12-2020 04:34

Dear ms Musselman

First of surgial masks do nothing about the spread of aerosols. they may redirect direct airflow but those aerosol remain hovering in the air for hours and have to be considered main risk factor.

second you seem very unaware about the psychological consequences and basically the reason for demanding masks. there is a reason why it is a deman from politics not scientists.

-for once, its a remainder, thats positive on a first glance to stop our automatic behaviour. but it comes with a high price, steady putting fear into people.
-its a dehumanzier, you shall not have contact with other human beeings, so you make soetity faceless, dehuman.
-were highly depending on reading faces to predict others behaviour. not beeing able to subconciencely make is hostile and defensive.
-forming group identity. just like sports trickots, or colors of gangs, flags, or market armlets
it lets others know to be in their club, to stop thinking individual but act as a group
-to monitor others specially no mask wearer
-split people into 2 sides, so they are more busy in fighting and monitoring each other than asking about the politics behind
-as a placebo cause we have no valid measure against infection, even tough our threatment got a lot better

the results on psychology (specially kids) growing up now in that society and long term implications of that year long fearmongering will be to be evalutaed in years to come. but its defently a high risk play for little benefit as nothing we would do prevent infections

flatten the curve seems not be nessesary, only one country in the west had real issues in their healthcare system, also the virus is weakening the threatment gets better.

flatten the curve has on the other hand some serious devastating sideeffects.
lets assume we cannot vaccinate efectivly, we highly risk loosing herd immunity after a few months and drag the hole thing out over a much longer lifespawn, risking multiple infections each person whcih in turn will result in much larger fatality rates.

let alone from economic and implicit fatalaty rates or reduced lifespan because of economic issues and living situations in lock and semi lock downs.

from a medical perspektive masks are in almost every way counter productive other than redirect airflow a little bit and prevent droplets which are questionable to be really a source for infections

By nonane from Other on 22-10-2020 10:34

I’m sorry Sir. I’m not sure where your information came from but it is not accurate. This is what was said:

“Face Shields, Masks with Valves Ineffective Against COVID-19 Spread
Droplet dispersion visualizations shows cloth or surgical masks are more effective than clear plastic face shields or masks with exhalation valves in preventing aerosol spread“- American Institute of Physics (AIP)

The reason for locking down children is because they can pass it to parents and grandparents. Children now are either going to school with masks and proper distancing or doing work online. In some schools is it half one way and half the other and parents can choose.
We do not know the long term effects on this disease on young people. Anything can happen years down the road. Chickenpox/shingles is an example and so is HPV that later can cause certain cancers.

I have no comment about “little tyrants having a field day bossing people around, and causing untold collateral damage” because I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

I don’t care for how this has been handled as a nation but I do like the way my state has handled it. I am sad that I cannot visit Portugal as I had planned.

Have a good day,
Brenda Musselman

By Brenda Musselman from USA on 06-10-2020 10:12
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