The objective of the measure is "to increase the amount of recycled material collected, contributing to the circular economy and improving the environmental performance of the municipality, and to reduce undifferentiated waste and consequently the costs of its treatment", guarantees the Chamber chaired by Rui Marqueiro.

The investment includes the acquisition of 12 thousand containers for the deposit of paper, glass and plastic, which together make up four thousand domestic ecopoints placed at the service of the more than 20 thousand citizens of this municipality in the district of Aveiro.

The project also includes the acquisition of a vehicle for the selective collection of waste in four thousand residences, as well as the implementation of an integrated solution for waste management in the ecopoints network in the municipality of Mealhada, which implies the placement of volumetric reading sensors a install in 390 containers (130 ecopoints) and the respective online management platform, informs the municipality.

The PAYT pilot project (pay-as-you-throw) will also be launched, which will serve accommodation in three parishes in the municipality of Mealhada.

"It is an innovative system, which includes the supply and application of lids in urban waste containers, for the implementation of an access control system (purchase of 150 fibreglass lids), which will be equipped with a sensor that measures the volume of each user's waste, identified by a magnetic card", explains the City Council.

The objective will be to "adjust the waste rates", currently affected by water consumption, to the volume of waste produced by the user.

This system implies the acquisition of 150 containers with 800 litres of capacity, and will start in the urban centres of Mealhada, Pampilhosa and Luso.

Called “Mealhada Porta a Porta”, the project is part of the application to the POSEUR-11-2017-22 Notice, aimed at the recovery of urban waste, with the promotion of innovative systems, which are intended to increase the selective collection of recoverable urban waste. The total cost of the application is 806,950 Euros + VAT.

In the municipality of Mealhada, in 2017, only 1,230.4 tons of waste was produced and 7,927.9 tons were recycled.