Medical equipment arrives from China

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The second plane chartered by the Portuguese State to transport medical equipment from China arrived in Lisbon today, with 700,000 respiratory protection masks, visors and gloves, destined for the National Health System, announced the Portuguese embassy.

According to the Portuguese diplomatic representation in China, the Airbus A330-941, chartered to TAP, carried a total of 16 tons of medical cargo, which also includes protective suits, between donations and purchases from the Portuguese State, which are intended to equip hospitals to combat the new coronavirus pandemic.

The plane left Beijing early in the morning and landed in Lisbon this morning.

This is the second plane chartered by the Portuguese State to load medical equipment.

Last week, a TAP plane carried 144 fans, respiratory protection masks, visors and protective suits, also destined for the National Health System.


These products have been paid by Portuguese tax payers. The question is, why aren’t we producing these at home?! We need to rethink about our economic strategy and start manufacturing these products at home.

By Anna from Madeira on 12-04-2020 10:30

Your article about PPE seems to applaud the Chinese. However you didn’t mention the fact that this wouldn’t be happening if 1. China had closed the wet markets tears ago and 2) If China had not withheld telling the rest of the world we wouldn’t have seen so many deaths and now they profit out of the rest of the worlds demise. Please report factually and fairly

By Belinda from UK on 12-04-2020 08:05

So medical equipment is flying in from China where the virus originated, knowing that this virus survives on metal and plastic for over a week and porous surfaces for days, what a comforting thought!!

By Bob from Algarve on 12-04-2020 05:52
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