Municipality lockdown announced for between 30 October and 3 November

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Circulation between councils will be against the law between 30 October and 3 November

The decision was taken on 22 October in the Council of Ministers and announced by the Minister of the Presidency, Mariana Viera da Silva.

"Each citizen cannot move between municipalities, as happened in the past", revealed the minister, explaining that the measure goes into effect between 00:00 on 30 October and 3 November.

The decision to limit the circulation comes a week after the Council of Ministers announced the return of the state of calamity to Portugal.

Mariana Vieira da Silva also announced that the 2 November will be marked as a national day of mourning to pay tribute to all the deceased and victims of the covid-19 pandemic.


I wrote to costa offering me services to go where his cowardly medics refused to go - a few days after I read about it. (in AUGUST)
I guess he's still thinking about it
You really could not make up this farrago
It just gets worse.
We have to do something
if we dont
it will get worse
and worse
until we call this
prison planet

By lescrooge from UK on 03-11-2020 09:39

Isn't this all illegal ?
Having read the constitution , these authoritarian / draconian measures seem patently unconstitutional.

By Bruno Carvalho from Lisbon on 29-10-2020 03:27

we dont need more mindless tourists during this time, dont bring more Covid from your own countries which are way worse than Portugal! Portugal should lock the borders for foreigners, hard times require hard measures!

By Ze from Lisbon on 27-10-2020 03:19

"Why ?"
Draconian measures that make "Zero" sense.
Cringe worthy beyond any form of comprehension.

By Ricardo Sousa from Lisbon on 26-10-2020 11:55

I'm in the Alcobaça concelho and need to pick up a passenger from the UK who is a Portuguese resident. Can I still do so?

By INE MASON from Lisbon on 23-10-2020 07:46

Stupid question, but how does this effect non-citenzens? I'd have to drive up to Lisboa on the 30th to catch my flight back home on the 31st :(

By Sebastian from Algarve on 23-10-2020 04:21

I am assuming i can drive to Faro airport to pick up my wife. For health reasons she cannot use taxis or public transport. I will not enter the airport terminal.

By Terence McDine from Algarve on 23-10-2020 03:22

On what grounds is it permitted to travel outside your area?

By Fred from Lisbon on 23-10-2020 11:42

I am due to fly home to the UK on the 31st October from Faro, How am I expected to get to the airport from Albufeira? Are all tourists to be grounded and loose the flights?

By George Christie from Algarve on 23-10-2020 10:47

Please send me the news letters

By Danzyl Menezes from Lisbon on 23-10-2020 07:59

In Portimao you can have 35000 tickets sold for the F1 Race this weekend ????

By Alan from Algarve on 22-10-2020 09:08

What is the point of this exercise.
Total embarrassment of Portugal resorting to such pointless draconian measure that serves no purpose other than to instill fear amongst the population.

By Michael Kubrick from Other on 22-10-2020 08:42

The government is working really hard on destroying even the domestic tourism. Voters will hopefully know what to do come the next election.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 22-10-2020 05:58

We return on 30th October so unsure what that means for getting home from the Airport

By David S from Algarve on 22-10-2020 05:57

The madness continues.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 22-10-2020 05:05
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