The advanced state of degradation of the building and the consequent unhealthy and unsuitable situation of people living in the immediate suburbs, who brought their concerns to the City Council, were the reasons that led the mayor to take juridical measures.

After an inspection carried out in 2017, the municipality considered that the building needed works that would immediately prevent material and personal damage on the public road.

Following that inspection, the owner was notified of this decision, but never proceeded with the respective works, which, over time, increased the state of degradation of the property.

The Legal Regime for Urbanisation and Edification gives the competent administrative authorities, in this case, the City Council, the adoption of appropriate measures to determine the execution of conservation or demolition works, whenever the buildings present poor safety or health conditions and is a danger to the public health or whenever owners do not take the necessary measures.

For this action to be materialised, it is necessary to resort to the figure of administrative possession, which allows the Mayor to determine the ownership of the property, in order to allow the coercive execution of measures necessary to restore legality.

Olhão municipality now guarantees that this building does not represent a danger to public health and that it will not continue to be used in an abusive way by people.