They have protested by sending a memorandum to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to leave the land of Nepal and withdraw the Indian Army from Nepali land.

Representatives of 25 Nepali organisations gathered at Almeida Park in the capital Lisbon to protest by displaying Nepal's national flag, placards, and a new political and administrative map of Nepal recently released by the Government of Nepal.

"We are fully aware that there have been some disputed areas along the Nepal-India border for more than a century. Instead of resolving these border disputes through high-level diplomatic talks between the foreign ministries of the two countries, the Indian government has now escalated the situation by inaugurating a road that, according to historical documents, belongs to Nepali territory.” it is written in the memorandum.

The Government of India has protested against the construction and inauguration of the link road from Nepal to Kailas Mansarovar via Lipulek, taking the Nepalis in Portugal as a matter of serious concern and interest.

The memorandum strongly demands the return of the army in Kalapani and the return of Nepali land as per the historic agreements between the two countries. Various organizations in Portugal have expressed serious concern and protest against the construction and inauguration of the link road to Kailash Mansarovar via Lipulec.