Olympus, "leader in the area of medical equipment, scientific solutions and cameras", plans to "create a significant number of new jobs in Coimbra over the next five years".

On Tuesday morning the deed for Olympus’s acquisition of a 25,500 square meter plot in iParque and subsequent construction of the repair centre was signed.

At the signing ceremony, iParque was represented by the new Board of Directors, elected in January 2019, Chairman, Victor Baptista, and members, Rui Alírio and António Santana e Silva. Olympus was represented by Emili Ripolles, general manager of the Iberia Region, and Christoph Wittler, director of the Medical Area Repair Service.

"Olympus's goal is to become the global leader in medical technologies. The new building will be the main repair centre for this business area in Europe, the Middle East and Africa," said Emili Ripolles.