Over 90% of Portuguese always wear a mask

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More than 90 percent of Portuguese respondents in a survey on Covid-19 said they always wear a mask when they leave home and 88 percent say they have confidence in health professionals.

The study, which aims to gather the opinions and perceptions of the Portuguese population about the Covid-19 pandemic with a focus on its impact on access to health care, was released on 8 September at the presentation of Movimento Saúde em Dia, an initiative of the Portuguese Medical Association and the Portuguese Association of Hospital Administrators.

The preliminary data were presented by Francisca Azevedo, Executive Director of GFK Metris, and pointed out that 94 percent of the Portuguese say “that they always wear their mask as soon as they leave home”.

“The Portuguese are complying with the standards and guidelines that are passed and that will be strengthened”, said Francisca Azevedo.
The study aimed to determine the “perceived importance of the Covid-19 pandemic issue, as well as the level of information they have about it” and the behaviours adopted in daily life (washing hands frequently, wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance, avoiding crowded places, social isolation).

The research also aimed to assess the impact of the pandemic (decreased income, health risk, limited access to health care) and “safety/insecurity in access to health care”.

It also wanted to quantify the extent to which the Portuguese stopped, or not, accessing health care during the pandemic (a distinction being made between chronic and non chronic patients) and to know the opinion of the Portuguese on the actions of entities and sectors during the pandemic.

The full results will be shared and analysed on 22 September in an expert meeting, the objective being “to promote reflection on the knowledge acquired and the challenges of health systems in order to develop effective proposals”.

The information was collected through direct and personal interviews, in total privacy, based on a structured questionnaire prepared by the project team and GfK Metris.

The fieldwork took place between 28 August and 7 September and was carried out by interviewers recruited and trained by GfK Metris, who received appropriate training for the specificities of this study.

The study is made up of individuals aged 18 and over, living in Portugal, in a sample of 1,000 individuals, proportional to the Portuguese population, with a margin of error of 3.1 percent for a 95 percent confidence interval.


Mass hysteria over mask hysteria? If you think it's all a conspiracy by the government to control people and move towards a dictatorship, you should start wearing masks and get used to them. Because when you all wake up, and all rise up, you will need masks to hide your identity! So in the end, the government will have you wearing masks also. All part of the plan I guess.

By William from Other on 15-09-2020 05:23

I agree with Ana
The results of this "poll" sounds like propaganda designed to ensure the sheeplike obedience of the populace. Breathing oxygen is more important than fomenting fear.

By rob from Lisbon on 14-09-2020 02:04

The countries with the most strickt rules(spain/france)have far mor infections then countries with a more relaxed attitude(sweden, denmark, holland) facemasks are merely symbolic. In Holland we never used them, it did not seem to make any difference compared to other peaople. On top of that , the covid is hardley deadlier then a seasonal flu, as the stats are showing. And yes with a seasonal flu the eldery and weak also have to be more careful.
So can someone explain to me why we have to stay in a state of hysteria. And wear these humiliating masks.?

By Patrick from Algarve on 13-09-2020 08:59

If you study surveying, you know that people will say one thing and then do another. Especially in these questions of "do you behave as you should?"

By Joao from Porto on 13-09-2020 08:29

90% say they wear masks! So why the number of C19 cases in Portugal is also spiking? Ah! Maybe the social distancing is failing!... As for sneasing and coughing with a mask on, just do it and breath your own yaky fluids without removing the mask and cleaning yourself properly!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 12-09-2020 02:24

A few years back, the comments here would be rather different. People would complain how the portuguese do not follow rules, how undisciplined we are. Now they blame us for being too orderly. It seems people are just too busy trying to be better than the portuguese. Are we portuguese that good that you feel so tempted to be better than us an any cost?

By Jose Bessa da from Beiras on 12-09-2020 01:25

You must be joking. Who makes up these numbers. It's nothing like the truth. Yesterday I took a photo of a man at the checkout in the supermarket, without a mask. Arguing. This was not a unique case. So many people don't wear their mask correctly. Many with their nose exposed. When you walk in the street, hardly anyone has a mask. Even at the bus stops.
So stop hyping up that Portugal is obeying the rules and beyond, because they are not. They are just like everyone else. Undisciplined.

By Susan from Lisbon on 12-09-2020 08:53

The results of this "poll" sounds like propaganda designed to ensure the sheeplike obedience of the populace. Breathing oxygen is more important than fomenting fear.

By Ana Fonte Seca from Other on 11-09-2020 10:42

Masks do absolutely nothing but show you are a follower and obey, those blue masks you see people wearing should only be used for a maximum of 2 hours then thrown away, do they, what a joke all this is. Why not put a bucket on ones head, that will protect you, and with all the alcohol hand rubbing, how long before we all become dependent on the alcohol, will chewing tobacco be next on the list.

By Mr John from Algarve on 11-09-2020 10:00

Why is it that so many people in the UK object to masks while the Portuguese do not? I noticed how different the two countries were when I returned here from the UK in March. In Britain shops were still open as normal and people were not wearing masks or social distancing but here I found masks were common, shops that were open had long queues, social distancing was in place and the country was under lockdown.

By Steve Andrews from Other on 11-09-2020 06:31

Where I live in one of the most expensive parts of Lisbon 90% of people DO NOT wear masks unless they are forced to enter a store. The attitude in Lisbon has gone from mostly following the rules during lockdown to acting like nothing ever happened.

By John from Lisbon on 11-09-2020 06:07

Wow! What a spike in cases in Britain now! So glad the Portuguese are behaving responsibly. Too bad the Brits are too stubborn to follow the Portuguese example and are paying for it.

By William from Other on 11-09-2020 11:32

the Prime Minister does not have a mask on his face, Europe's royal families have no mask, and the owners of tech companies do not have a mask, this should make people think and understand how crazy it is, the masks are cheap quality made of cotton, viruses are everywhere also on shoes, clothes, tables, chairs, it is science fact that corona virus is also in sea water and sand on the beach.

By Magnus from Other on 11-09-2020 11:19

John Dough, A "fear mongered" bunch beyond help unfortunately... Followers are loved by Dictators of the World...
Salazar again anyone ??
When will they ever learn ?
Lets hope we fair better ;-)

By Dave Arden from Other on 11-09-2020 11:02

90% may wear them but only around 40% wear them correctly. I have lost count the number of people I have seen remove the mask in order to talk to someone, talk on the phone and even to cough. It's no surprise the infections are rising given its life as usual in the North.

By GeraldV from Porto on 11-09-2020 10:58

It seems to be 50/50 in my high street. Is this propaganda disguised as research? And aren´t the chances of catching it outside "vanishingly small"?

By david Stanley boss from Other on 11-09-2020 10:34

I realized the mask wearing Portuguese on the beach, walking their dog and driving alone in their cars and I wonder whether they actually know what they are doing or whether they "are just following orders". The latter has ended in tragedy before and should always be reconsidered.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 11-09-2020 08:40
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