The recommendations to improve the provision of palliative care in Portugal have been approved by Parliament following the presentation of two draft resolutions.

The PSD party has called for the government to increase “human resources in the area of palliative care, in particular for doctors and nurses”, and further training in this area, “in order to improve clinical practice, humanised patient care and ensuring people in palliative care get the best quality of life possible “.

Meanwhile, the draft resolution presented by the PAN party recommends to the Government that there is a reinforcement of human resources, and greater “training of all health professionals in palliative care, namely in pre-graduate training, where this should be considered to be an essential component of the basic training of these professionals.”

Mr André Silva from the PAN party added that it was essential that there is the “creation of paediatric palliative care services with strong home support” and a “reinforcement of community support teams in palliative care, ensuring the provision of these at home, in order to achieve the ratio of one team per 100 thousand inhabitants”.