Parliament rejects move to ban dog racing in Portugal

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Parliament rejects move to ban dog racing in Portugal

Portugal’s parliament has rejected a move to ban dog racing in the country.

Two proposals from the BE Left Bloc and the PAN party for people, animals and nature have been rebuffed. While the greens also voted in favour of passing the bill, which primarily focused on greyhound racing, but aimed to cover all types of dog races, the PS socialists, PSD social democrats, CDS-PP Christian democrats and PCP communist party voted against it


It's UNBELIEVABLE that Greyhound racing still exists. What are the arguments these Parliament people gave in order not to support the ban? That people are going to lose their jobs? PLEASE!! Portuguese people are supporting unnecessary CRUELTY by not enforcing the ban. Please, do watch the RTE documentary
And see who's right. I am sure the same things happening in Ireland are taking place in Portugal, cruelty and inhumanity, as well as greed, know no frontiers

by Marcela Garcia Bonini from USA on 17-07-2019 01:49:00

Good to see a government sticking it to Anti animal groups . They don’t care about greyhounds . They just want to ban anything with animals and want humans to turn vegan . It’s about time Governments of the world tell them to piss off .

by Shannon from Other on 17-07-2019 06:06:00

A disgrace that the people who CAN make a progressive change against animal cruelty does nothing. Surely they must be aware that when greyhounds (goes for race horses as well) no longer make $$$, many are shipped to China for food, where they are intentionally tortured - skinned, boiled, torched - while still alive. Shame on you for condoning animal abuse!

by Edie Gegolick from Other on 16-07-2019 05:37:00

I'm surprised at this. The Portuguese people are so kind and helpful. I was convinced they would ban this cruel industry, it cannot be classed as sport. SHAME!!!

by Linda Lohman. from UK on 16-07-2019 05:17:00

Portugal deja de maltratar a los perros.

by Marianela RamosVega from Algarve on 16-07-2019 01:10:00

The Parliament of Portugal should ban Greyhound racing as the sport is very cruel to dogs. Many are hurt and then killed. Only live as long as they are winning then dumped like garbage. Inhumane sport. Losers are shipped to China to be tortured, boiled alive for food. This must stop.

by Patricia Frederick from USA on 16-07-2019 12:01:00

STOP DOG RACING,itse cruel not sport!!!!

by Kaisa Kähönen from Other on 16-07-2019 09:04:00

Schließe mich der Petition an

by Christel Fabienke from Other on 16-07-2019 06:20:00

Ich schließe mich der Petition an
Und ich werde weder in Portugal Urlaub machen noch Produkte aus Portugal kaufen

by Christel Fabienke from Other on 16-07-2019 06:19:00

There is no context to this article. What reasons did the CDS give for opposing the measure?

by Rob Gilbert from Other on 15-07-2019 11:29:00
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