Police (PJ).
According to Lusa news agency, the 60-year-old man was found on 21 May, at his home located in an isolated area in Barão de S. Miguel, in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, where he lived alone, after the alert was raised by a neighbour who said he had not seen him “for several days”.
GNR were dispatched to locate the man and when arriving at the property found “the door broken” and, inside “clear signs of violence”.
The GNR found the victim “already deceased, in bed and with visible injuries to his face.”
Due to the signs of violence and the suspicion of homicide, the PJ was contacted.
The neighbour told the GNR that the man was last seen at a party, “the weekend before his death”, and it was the victim’s absence that led him to contact the police force.