As part of a drug trafficking investigation that took place about a year ago, the military found that the suspects were engaged in the cultivation and processing of cannabis plants. The whole process of cultivation and processing of the plants was carried out in a bunker, built with a high degree of concealment against the surrounding vegetation and landscape, in order to make it difficult to detect. It was also equipped with electrical and technological material, which allowed the cultivation, processing and storage of production continuously, for later sale throughout the national territory.

The diligence culminated in the fulfilment of three home and four non-home search warrants, to the homes and vehicles of the suspects and the dismantling of the bunker, and the following was seized: 5,500 doses of cannabis, 323 cannabis plants, 122 vessels of black colour, 16 doses of hashish, 12 doses of MDMA, 930 Euros in cash, three digital scales, 25 parabolic reflectors with heating lamps, an electrical board as well as the entire electrical circuit that fed the structure, several vacuum packaging machines and various materials used for watering and packaging, storing and producing cannabis.

The suspects, who had a criminal record for the same type of criminal offense, were detained at the GNR premises until they were present on 23 October at the Judicial Court of Odemira and were subjected to the measure of duress at home (house arrest).

This action was reinforced by the Beja Intervention Detachment and the Odemira Territorial Detachment.