Portugal and USA seek to intensify bilateral collaboration

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Portugal and the United States of America (USA) want to intensify bilateral collaborations in matters of trade, public health, defence and maritime security “in the post-covid world”.

The statement published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs refers to a meeting held virtually by the Permanent Bilateral Commission (CBP) earlier in the month, which highlighted the intention to intensify “close collaboration with the United States that guarantees a strengthening of trade and investment flows.”

According to the declaration, the Secretary of State for Internationalisation, Eurico Brilhante Dias presented “Portuguese perspectives of socioeconomic recovery in the context of the pandemic Covid-19”, which include measures such as “market facilitation, containment of trade defence measures and promotion of partnerships on value chains.”

“Portugal reiterated its concern about the tariffs applied to Azorean dairy products, as well as with those currently under consideration in the review process”, said the joint statement adopted by CBP.

Some challenges are “disinformation” and investment in “critical areas for national security”, read in the note from the ministry.

The Permanent Bilateral Commission between Portugal and the United States indicates that there is “potential to explore more robust collaboration in cooperative maritime security and in the development of defence capabilities” between the two countries.

“The US and Portugal also agreed that it is vitally important to maintain defence investments during these turbulent times,” says CBP.
In this context, the Base of Lajes, in the Azores, was an important point of the meeting, with “a Portuguese proposal to redefine the perimeter of the Base” and with “progress in the discussions” on a Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan between Portugal and the USA, whose creation was mentioned at a CBP meeting in December 2017.

CBP also declares that it has registered “the plans for face-to-face follow-up discussions in San Antonio and Lajes” in relation to the technical results of sites 3001 and 5001.

For this commission, the Base das Lajes is proof of the “dynamism of the bilateral defence partnership” and of “Portugal’s contributions (…) to transatlantic and global security”.

CBP also highlights the “mutual commitment (…) in promoting the preservation and sustainable use of marine and ocean resources”
The two countries have “common interests in the development of the blue economy in various sectors and in strengthening bilateral relations in terms of cooperation in the areas of blue innovation, technology and marine clusters”, read in the CBP’s joint statement.

“Topics of mutual interest, such as the security of the Atlantic, the strategic role of the Azores and sub-Saharan Africa, remain on the agenda”, sustains CBP.

The next meeting of the Permanent Bilateral Commission between Portugal and the United States is scheduled for December, in Portugal. Bruno G. Santos


It's clearly news to you, Michael (not propaganda, which by the way is written with a lowercase 'p'.). One thing America can't be proud of is the state of its education system, as you and others kindly illustrate. It's certainly news to me that the U.S.A. is 'the continuation of the Roman Empire', which fell apart in the early 5th century. Incidentally, I have yet to draw my first paycheck from the U.S. State Department, unfortunately enough. Perhaps you might put in a good word for me?

By JOHAN TEMMERMAN from Other on 27-07-2020 05:19

In contrast, Mrs. Krogh, the Chinese are generous givers - they gave us Covid-19. Anti-Americanism is alive and well, that is hardly news. Yours is supported by original, intellectual argumentation. I am duly impressed, but forgive me for not joining the club. The Americans are takers, all right. They took fascism and communism from Europe.

By JOHAN TEMMERMAN from Other on 25-07-2020 10:27

This isn't news. It is Propaganda which appears to have been written by the United States State Department.

By Michael Hogan from USA on 25-07-2020 03:44

Diana, you have my full support! Unfortunately, Portugal shines among the biggest USA's bloodhounds!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 25-07-2020 02:32

Your information is uterlly incomplete witch leads me to belive it's artifact.

By Armando Magalhaes from USA on 25-07-2020 02:01

We should befriend the USA.They are the safe continuation of the Roman Empire.Just like we(Portuguese) are!!

By Augusto Poitevin from USA on 25-07-2020 01:26

I'm American and even I'm not a fan of this, the USA is getting worse and worse and ruins every country they meddle with. Portugal is wonderful as it is, the US getting more involved will ruin it.

By K.J. from USA on 24-07-2020 08:25

Nooooo! Please NO! NO USA INFLUENCE. They are vultures. Takers.

By Diana Krogh from Beiras on 24-07-2020 05:04
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