Portugal bans nocturnal olive harvesting

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Mechanical nocturnal olive harvesting is now banned by the Portuguese Government regarding the protection of bird species.

Portugal’s Institute for Nature Conservation and Forest conducted a study in order to find how nocturnal olive harvesting could affect bird species. The study concluded that this harvesting system is dangerous for protected bird species that live in the olives.

The lights and the noise produced by the harvesting machines can negatively affect the species that are not able to escape during nigh time since most of the species are diurnal.

Not just birds were being affected by nocturnal olive harvesting, diurnal rodents were also being killed by this harvesting system.

It is illegal to kill any type of wild species for nocturnal or diurnal harvesting, according to the ICNF study. ICNF stated in a note that will intensify enforcement action between October of this year and March 20 “in order to ensure that there is no practice that can promote bird mortality, namely the nightly olive harvest.”

Farming organisations agreed to suspend the olive harvesting to “further study the potential impact of the night harvest on local biodiversity.”


Indeed fantastic new. Let's hope the ban is implemented, followed and enforced.
3 verbs that often still do not go together in this beautiful country.

By HDL from Algarve on 21-07-2020 12:03

Yes, it is wonderful news! (The grammatical errors pale to insignificance...)

By William from Other on 21-07-2020 01:35

This so wonderful to hear... Portugal continues to amaze me all the time. Thank you!!

By Mary Janeiro from Other on 20-07-2020 03:45

Can you explain these excerpts: (1) "...bird species that live in the olives." (2) "...during nigh time..." (3) "...for nocturnal or..."
Thank you!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 20-07-2020 06:17

Nakakagagaan ng loob sa puso at isipan ang idea na nabasa ko.sana lahat ng bansa ay ingatan nila ang kayaman sa mundo kagaya ng mga ibon. Karapat dapat lang ang naisio ninyung paraan para hndi mabulabug ang mga ibon lalunat some of them live near where their harvesting Olive????????????????ang gandang kaisipan yan mga kapatid

By Jemima limos from UK on 19-07-2020 08:24

This is fantastic news! It was so depressing seeing reports of how many birds have been killed this way, so it is wonderful to hear that this has been done to stop this.

By Steve Andrews from Other on 19-07-2020 06:06
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