Portugal extends flight restrictions

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Portugal has extended flight restrictions to destinations outside of the Schengen space until 15 June.

The decision, published in the Government Gazette, allows for a number of exceptions.

Among them are non-Schengen countries in Europe such as Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The United Kingdom, the United States, Venezuela and South Africa are also included due to the high number of Portuguese nationals living in these countries.


I am portuguese residence card holder. Me and my baby struck here in Bangladesh due to covid 19. And my husband is over there at lisbon. Can any one pls inform me when portugal govt Will resume international flights? ? . Its really very urgent to return portugal. Qatar Airways cancelled our tickets 3 times...

By Nazia from Other on 22-07-2020 04:49


By Nazia from Other on 22-07-2020 04:39

How can portugal justify allowing multiple if not dozens of flights daily from south America atthe height of it,s Pandemic-it totally undermines all the efforts made by its population.What will surely follow will be worse in the longer tern unless mitigation measures on flights are taken immediately

By kieran towey from Other on 06-06-2020 06:19

I have a one-year residency card, issued on 28/feb/2020, valid for one year. currently, I am in India since march 15, 2020. how long can I stay in India and what is the procedure of returning back to Portugal? In case I have to stay longer in India due to COVID restrictions, will it affect my status?

By Jessy from Other on 04-06-2020 10:40

I believe in July 1st, all passengers and visitors will be allowed to travel freely to Portugal and even to EU.

By Aviador from Lisbon on 20-05-2020 11:42

I am appalled that flights would be allowed in and out of Brazil - as a foreigner who has lived in Brazil for the past ten years before arriving to live in Portugal I know very well that the situation in Brazil is a disaster unfolding.

By Mac from Algarve on 20-05-2020 09:10

This is disheartening that the Portuguese government made a law of paying the employee during this COVID-19 and not has been pay since March 18 to my account despite all the necessary documents sent to Segurança Social. What's the existence of taxes paying for years in portugal. This is really crazy. Though that have not contributed to the growth of the economy only paid. It is very ridiculous

By Paul from Lisbon on 20-05-2020 01:51

I am from India, I got long stay visa to visit Portugal. Can you please help me when international air travel will resume ? I have to visit by July 20th, any optimistic news ?

By kum from Other on 18-05-2020 06:24

Will I need to quarantine in Madeira when I fly from Lisbon in July for 4 days. I am a brit living in Portugal

By james brierley from Lisbon on 18-05-2020 08:12

When will british people be allowed to the algarve to hoilday any time this year....

By Clare Sullivan from UK on 17-05-2020 08:09

When will flights be allowed to faro from Manchester

By Gaz Morrow from UK on 17-05-2020 04:13

Sou brasileiro.
E pergunto onde estão localizados a maioria dos brasileiros, que viajam para o exterior.
Resposta Rio e São Paulo.
Se estou certo , o povo de Portugal estariam correndo um risco de contaminação grande????

By Ney from Other on 17-05-2020 03:43

This summer people should travel in their own country and not to others! I see lockdown again in the fall and winter due to a lot more people being infected and alot more deaths if tourism starts back up again before a treatment and or vaccine is found!

By Alda Fernandes from Lisbon on 17-05-2020 03:19

Hi ! I would like to know if I can fly from Canada in june 4th 2020 to Azores Island

By Honoriu Nicolau from Other on 17-05-2020 03:03

Antonio Costa is now telling everyone to go out! LOL. Our leaders are so thick. They destroyed the economy and do not know how to fix it.

By Michael Scott from Algarve on 17-05-2020 12:25

Remove all people who are tourist in those countries who have recently come and spread this special people who have traveled from Oct 2019.

By Jacintha Dsouza from Other on 17-05-2020 04:59

This is totally rubish. We need to peak up our tourist related business. Gov't is not doing anything for us as a smell business even for our emploee. I don't know why we are paying taxes and s. social.
I personally not recieved anything either for my family nor emplyes.

By mohammed from Lisbon on 17-05-2020 04:47

i have a Portuguese residency card and i own a property at a resort in Portugal . presently i am in Vancouver Canada . am i allowed to return to Portugal flying Vancouver / London /Faro or Lisbon ?

By akbar letafati from UK on 17-05-2020 02:35

The government has taken a good step. We still are no not safe. It isn't the end of this pandemic. I hope we all be safe.

By Moshiur Ahmed from Lisbon on 16-05-2020 11:51

Tengo mi voleto de regreso Miami lisboa Firenze para El 31de mayo puedo entrar no salgo del aerepuerto

By Maria Elena medina from USA on 16-05-2020 10:25

It is a real danger for Portugal still to allow flights from Brazil where the disease is growing and government is taking no measures. If these flights will continue, what is the meaning of closing flights from other countries?

By Teoman Ulas from Lisbon on 16-05-2020 01:07

Can I come from Latvia to portugal in this may???

By Al from Other on 16-05-2020 08:32

These restrictions don’t make any sense to me. Sweden Professor and expert on Medical Epidemiology, Johan Giesecke, says they are utterly meaningless and we need to get back to full speed with trade and travel to avoid huge economical disaster. Google and see on YouTube. Giesecke + Corona virus.

By Fredrik Bermar from Algarve on 16-05-2020 06:56

Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland are all members of Schengen.


By Daniel Herrmann from Algarve on 16-05-2020 06:42
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