Portugal is European country with third shortest commuting time

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Portugal is among the European Union (EU) countries with the shortest work-home travel times.

Portugal ranks third, along Italy, with an average commute of 21 minutes to reach the workplace. Only Cyprus (19 minutes) and Greece (20 minutes) have better commute times. According to Eurostat, more than half (61.3%) of people employed in the European Union had a work-home commute time of 30 minutes or less last year.


Small countries with smaller cities manage traffic better. Still room for improvement: better public transportation links and efficiency, for the sake of the environment.

By Annie from Algarve on 24-10-2020 10:53

This is a joke! For sure....

By Aviador from Other on 23-10-2020 12:26

If we want to make the world more habitable then we must make an effort to reduce this time. We went off the rails a long time ago. A new world is needed if our children are going to have a future.

By Gunnar Vilhelmsson from Porto on 23-10-2020 12:26
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