Portugal remains third safest country in the world

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Portugal remains third safest country in the world, as well as being ranked the safest country in the European Union.

This is according to the latest Global Peace Index (GPI), by the Institute for Economics & Peace, which compiles the 'ranking' of the world’s safest countries.

Portugal’s Ministry of Home Affairs has said it is happy with the results. Portugal appears in third position, after Iceland and New Zealand.

In 2014, Portugal ranked eighteenth on the Index, having climbed to third position in 2019.


John Dough thinks the UAE is safe? Not if you're gay, white, female, atheist, Christian, anti slavery, anti oil, a journalist...you disgust me.

By John Dough is an idiot from Beiras on 24-10-2020 01:33

I live here in the Algarve which is like Paradise. Love love love Portugal and thank God for helping us retire in this blessed place. ❤️????

By Sabrina Couto from Algarve on 19-06-2020 10:00

Obviously if other countries go down on the list, some countries will move up....doesn't change the fact that Portugal ranks 3rd. John Dough asks a lot of questions, but don't take him serious, otherwise he would research it if it really bothered him.

By William from Other on 15-06-2020 05:39

Oops what a beautiful position I'm very happy ????

By Tayou Blaise Nkeng from Lisbon on 15-06-2020 01:30

Is there anybody else that wonders who the "experts" of this dubious Institute for Economics & Peace are? What are the criteria? Why would Singapore and the UAE not be even ahead of Portugal? Maybe this is just another ranking where you pay for being on the top?

By John Dough from Lisbon on 14-06-2020 08:09

Very proud keep up the good work with a very big thank you.

By Noe perdigao from Other on 14-06-2020 01:21

Aí very happy to portugal from joao azevedo Australia ocidental

By Joao azevedo from Other on 13-06-2020 05:06

I'm from Egypt. I've visited Portugal twice & I enjoyed it soooooo much. I visited several cities: Fatima, Porto, Nazare, Coimbra, Aveiro & Lisbon. The Portugese are very kind & helpful. I don't mind visiting it again & again as there are many places to visit.

By Mary Salama from Other on 13-06-2020 04:11

It is a good thing and a reason to be proud for sure. Portugal has done many things right and has been able to remain relatively safe. But let's not misunderstand the reason for this rise. Portugal may have improved a little but rising in this statistic is probably more a result of other countries, that have traditionally been even safer, having lost their position due to increase in criminal migrants. Coming from Finland, one of the countries that used to be ahead of Portugal, I am almost certain of this. Portugal has been getting relatively small amount criminally oriented migrants and relatively many rather christian migrants in comparison to countries like Finland who have received types of migrants that other countries have not wanted to take.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 13-06-2020 11:22
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