Portuguese population shrinking

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Portuguese population shrinking

The resident population in Portugal is continues to fall, but at a slower rate and last year the estimated figure was 10,276,617 people

The Portuguese National Statistics Institute (INE) said the slow-down in 2018 was because of more migration (from 4,886 people in 2017 to 11,570 in 2018), while the natural balance worsened from -23,432 people in 2017 to -25,980 in 2018).

The INE figures showed that the Portuguese population is also getting older as the population under 15 fell to 1.407.566 (16,330 fewer) and the population aged 65 or over increased to 2,244,225 people (30,951 more).

The oldest age group (85 or over) increased to 310,274 (another 12,736), the figures released today show.


I was born in Portugal and my parents migrated to Australia when I was 6 months old. I have since been back to Portugal several times during my childhood and as an adult with my own family 3 times in the last 15 years. Most recently , we were there last year and found it disgraceful how my beautiful country has been overtaken by English. I went to Portugal to expose my kids to Portuguese language and culture, if I wanted them to speak English I would have holidayed elsewhere . Although English is an essential language, it is not everything.
Portugal has become too tourist obessed and lost its beautiful charm it had. I am Portuguese, and I love my country, but there is too many self absorbed bodies that govern Portugal and this why so many have had to leave ..there is no long term future for most younger generations. What was once a Rich country with so much to offer , many have had to leave their homeland because it is so uneconomically unstable .

by VCMFC from Other on 25-06-2019 04:40:00

I'm Australian and my wife is Portuguese. My prediction is the English language will be the main communication between people within the next 10 years all over the lower regions of Portugal. As I work and travel, it becomes clear the English language is spoken in most towns. However the country regions of Portugal will not be forced to use the English Language. Before I left Australia 2.5years ago, my spent 14 months learning the Portuguese Language but I was insulted when local resident asked me to speak English only.

We need to read, speak the Portuguese Language as inner country of Portugal does not understand the English language.

When my wife and I go out to do the shopping or to restaurants we only speak and read Portuguese.

But I cannot see the population decreasing and been overtaken my the English.

by Colin from Algarve on 16-06-2019 07:27:00

I no longer live in Lisbon. I am a Portuguese emigrant, I came to France in 2017 because I spent almost one year unemployed, living with an abusive father, and I had no choice. I got a job offer here and I moved with my partner. I would love to come back, but its hard to find a job in Portugal, harder to even become a fixated employee, and I'd be working my ass off to barely pay overexpensive rent. I want to live, not barely survive. I love my country, but this economy is hell.

by Ines from Lisbon on 16-06-2019 04:46:00

How does the expat community factor into the statistics?

by Steve Rominger from USA on 16-06-2019 12:50:00

Soon there will be more Brits than Portuguese living here.

by Joao Aligotti from Algarve on 16-06-2019 12:09:00

" The resident population in Portugal is continues to fall” correct the phrase to:
"The resident population in Portugal continues to fall"

by Rui Silva from Porto on 16-06-2019 08:34:00
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