Portuguese winemaking sector growth

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Portugal aims to reach €1 billion in wine exports by 2022, ViniPortugal announced in Caldas da Rainha where the data of the sector was presented.

ViniPortugal’s goal is based on the values of Portuguese exports, which last year reached €803 million, showing an increase of 3 percent compared to 2017, disclosed Maria João Dias, of the Instituto da Vinha e da Vinho (IVV).
At the Portugal Wines Annual Forum, which takes place at the Caldas da Rainha Cultural and Congress Centre, Maria João Dias presented the data for 2018, placing Portugal in 9th place on the list of the world’s largest wine exporters and which estimates that by 2022 it will reach €1 billion in export value.
The sale of 295 million litres of wine, with a total value of €803 million, contributed to this classification.
Wine represents 45.2 percent of the total volume of national exports and its main markets of destination are France (42.6 million litres), Germany (25.7 million litres), Angola (22.8 million litres), the UK (21.7 million litres) and the US (20.8 million litres).
In terms of value, France leads the destination markets with €114.5 million, followed by the US (€80.8 million), the UK (€75.5 million), Brazil (€51.5 million) and Belgium (€49.7 million).

In her analysis of the data, Maria João Dias highlighted the fact that the best average price for Portuguese wine is in the markets of the US, UK and Brazil, countries where the sector should look very carefully.
As far as the national market is concerned, the wine sector is growing across the board, i.e. 7 percent in volume, 10 percent in value and 2.6 percent in average price, she said.
The national market data includes the months of January to September of this year, which highlights an increase of 11.7 percent in sales of wine in restaurants, whose value rose from €400 million in 2018 to €447 million in 2019.
Red wine continues to be the favourite of the Portuguese, has increasing this year 8 percent in sales volume (increasing from 106 million litres in 2018 to 114 million litres in 2019) and 10 percent in value, rising from €389 million in 2018 to €428 million in 2019.
The Fórum Vinhos de Portugal, promoted annually by ViniPortugal, brings together in Caldas da Rainha 400 participants in a session of analysis and debate on the reality of the national wine sector and the promotion strategies for 2020.
ViniPortugal is the interprofessional organisation for wine in Portugal and the managing body of the “Wines of Portugal” brand.
It brings together associative structures and professional organisations linked to trade (ACIBEV and ANCEVE), production (FENAVI and FEVIPOR), cooperatives (FENADEGAS), distillers (AND), farmers (CAP) and designations of origin (ANDOVI).


Portugal has so much potential in this sector, it is sad how people seem not to see it.

By Diogo from Lisbon on 21-12-2019 07:00
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