The donations will be funded by the sales of artwork which has been donated by the digital platform’s community of artists. The auction will take place on RevArt’s webpage from 10 April to 17 April - The platform wishes to emphasize that the auction is open for every artist who wishes to provide a contribution in form of an artwork.

“It is in times such as these that we have to mobilize our communities and put forward a united effort to support our heroes on the frontline. The Portuguese healthcare professionals need all the help they can get and by providing them with the equipment they so badly need, we can make a difference. - Alex Dipalo, Founder of RevArt.

The digital platform has struck up a partnership with the Portuguese Business Association (AEP) which has launched the SOS-Coronavirus initiative - The initiative receives donations in terms of both financial contributions and product donations. All of these contributions will be invested in medical equipment which functions are vital to the protection and wellbeing of the doctors and nurses across the country.

RevArt intends for the auction to be open for every artist that wishes to support the fight against the current epidemic outbreak in Portugal. They will receive donations of artwork from the entire country. Everyone’s contribution will be appreciated. The bigger the support from the community of artists, the bigger the donation towards the fight against Covid-19. RevArt reports that they have up to 15 donated artworks already, but there are no limits for how many they are hoping to accept.

RevArt is a digital platform for emerging artists which provides assistance in everything from promotion, valorization, and sales of artwork. It was founded by 2 Italians with a common goal of empowering the art community in Portugal. The platform currently consists of 25 artists that create art of various sorts.