Newspaper Correio da Manhã (CM) reports that five of the six men are being held in custody until trial.
The gang is believed to be responsible for ten robberies carried out over the past four months in various locations throughout the north and centre of the country. It was dismantled by the GNR’s Intervention Unit under the coordination of Lisbon’s Criminal Investigation and Penal Action department.
According to CM the gang operated by singling out isolated establishments and would often walk several kilometres dressed in camouflage before ambushing the businesses during the early hours of the morning.
Aged 21 to 41 the gang was lead by two brothers and had headquarters in Vendas Novas and Grândola.
The GNR is now reportedly trying to establish whether the gang was responsible for other robberies, namely one in Nisa, where the owner shot and wounded one of the thieves.
They mostly stole tobacco but also targeted homes, telecommunications shops and petrol stations, largely in rural locations.
GNR police seized jewellery, watches, 32 kilos of tobacco and 147 Smartphones – all from the group’s last raid, on 1 June – as well as three getaway vehicles.
The gang is also said to have had downtime between raids, when the suspects undertook farming jobs.
After being brought before a judge for an initial hearing, five of the six members were remanded in custody pending trial.
The sixth suspect, a receiver of the stolen goods, has been subjected to routine check-ins.
Police arrest head of jewellery shop robbers
In related news, on Monday PJ police announced that they have detained the head of a gang of robbers who are believed to be responsible for a string of hold-ups in jewellery shops throughout the north and centre of the country.
After carrying out around a dozen house searches the force identified and detained the fourth member of an organised gang that have used guns to hold up and rob jewellery shops since 2012.
The 57-year-old who has a considerable criminal past has been heard by a judge and is being held in custody pending trial.