Ronaldo buys Portugal’s most expensive apartment

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Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly purchased the most expensive apartment ever sold in Portugal

Located just off Lisbon’s Avenida da Liberdade, the apartment was sold for 7.2 million euros, at 25,000 euros a square metre.

According to news reports, the 3-bedroom penthouse was paid for in cash by Cristiano Ronaldo and is also registered in his name.


Be having your die hard fan i am really happy for your every success especially in the field when you score twice or thrice , it makes me cheerful and proud ,
yup i really dislike you scoring a single goal in match , but i just wishes u may score twice or thrice goals in a match ,
Sooooo best of luck for your future performance and wish to see u on the top of the season . ????✌

By Rasool Sayyaf from Other on 17-01-2020 02:27

Congratulations Ronaldo and wish you all the best.

By Good job by Ronaldo from Other on 16-01-2020 06:43

christiano is a full grown matured man and he knows whats good and bad for him, its his money he can invest it any how he likes... keep it up legend CR7

By Ibrahima Drammeh from Other on 16-01-2020 01:29

Good for him enjoying everything he worked for in life. Way to go buddy. God Bless you and your family!!!!

By Victor miranda from USA on 16-01-2020 11:19

CR7 You The Best Of All Best...Ghana In love with Uuuuuu

By Farudeen from Other on 16-01-2020 10:45

My idol in the world of football. Cr7 the greatest of all. Is nice to have luxury as a celebrity. He is at least making Portugal a beautiful place in the world

By Lord Charisma Freeman Doh from Other on 16-01-2020 09:20

It does mean that if Ronaldo bought the apartment he doesn't help other people no we know that he gives support to other side but he has to use his money to make happy himself as well. Enjoy your life the best but don't forget to help those who need help ????????

By MAPIGANO REAGAN from Other on 16-01-2020 08:55

Ronaldo is not wasting money .he knows how precious is money because he has been from the poorest days he had. He is doing for his family. He has donated the money earlier.

By Walker from Other on 16-01-2020 08:39

Ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world that means he makes the most money he does not have any problem buying the most expensive apartment if I had the money he has I would have done exactly the same

By Jose from Açores on 16-01-2020 08:38

Who said cr7 is wasting money?..... You better shut up n make researches before jumping on the internet to say shit..... Because sadio mane donates money to Senegal, built a stadium, built a school n gives free food doesn't give u any f*****g right to compare him with cristiano..... Cris is the most charitable athlete..... Donates his blood twice every year, sold out his ballon d'or n golden boot to raise funds for charity and you're here comparing him to mane...... No footballer I know can sell out his awards to give to charity rather they'd give money...... Don't you ever compare cris with mane.....

By Isaac from Other on 16-01-2020 06:15

Sent your money to me let me help people in need here in Nigeria, they are all around me, without house, water, food and also cloth.
The help will go along way helping those misplaced by boko haram terrorist.

By Amur Polycarp from Other on 16-01-2020 04:20

It's his money good people. Let the man enjoy it, however he likes. Please he knows what's best for him. Way to go Ronaldo.

By Steven ntaia from Other on 16-01-2020 04:15

Nothing wrong with investing in property..

Well deserved live long CR7..

By richard M. Katayi from Other on 16-01-2020 02:51

U r the best player in football history cr7

By Mimin from Other on 16-01-2020 01:55

"More money than sense" seems to come to mind.€7.2m for 3 bedrooms.
He could have bought my 3 bedroom penthouse apartment in the Algarve for under €1m and I have a full sea view.

By Trevor Roberts from Algarve on 16-01-2020 01:20

Portugal is definitely a country to retire or live. It's a beautiful country with nice people, food, weather. There's no perfect country anywhere in the world!
That guy Sergio, must be a very bitter person or another frustrated with his live. Get a life boy!
If you're not happy in Portugal move to another country!!!

By Carlos from UK on 16-01-2020 12:21

I'm a fan of CR7, he's one of the best of the late 20 th century. There is no doubt.

By Berns L Daniel from USA on 16-01-2020 12:11


By RAJU MANNA from Other on 16-01-2020 12:10

As he didn’t waste money
He deserves that As well as he donates more than he buy sth
Mind it
Keep it ???? CR7

By Abu from Other on 15-01-2020 11:59

Ronaldo works very hard for his money and he can do whatever he wants with his CASH! You are the best CR7. Please come and play with the USA team. There will always be HATERS!

By Diana from USA on 15-01-2020 08:43


By Romeo Francisco Marques from UK on 15-01-2020 08:16

Best of luck C. Ronaldo your kindness towards the needy will always give you success ...You're the best

By Adam Haruna Rashid from Other on 15-01-2020 07:30

How was it done in cash? Perhaps they mean in full?

By Valter Vilar from Lisbon on 15-01-2020 05:54

This guy is wasting money. Just donate to academies in Portugal or whatever. Or build a stadium. You are there buying most expensive apartment. See life. Look at Mane doing good for his country and you ate there buying most expensive apartment. Nonsense. Ronaldo is a scam

By Daniel from Other on 15-01-2020 05:04

In cash doesn‘t mean he came with a bag full of money. It means he paid the full amount and no bank mortgage is involved. Of course he transferred the money via bank or whatsoever.

By Ronaldinho from Lisbon on 15-01-2020 03:36

I wish living in Portugal l know Portugal very so beautifully place but l can't affordable passport Portuguese visa my family living in Portugal Lisbon l never seen my family from 25 year ago

By George Lopes from Other on 15-01-2020 03:16

You are best world soccer CR7 l'm from south Africa

By George lopes from Other on 15-01-2020 03:06

is he using botox or getting facelifts?

By David Fairchild from Other on 15-01-2020 02:25

E com grande honra que faço parte de seu jornal


By Mandau Sanha from UK on 15-01-2020 01:51

"the 3-bedroom penthouse was paid for in cash"

This can't be done, it couldn't have been in cash.

By Alex from Lisbon on 15-01-2020 12:41
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