Rui Rio defends specific measures to support Algarve economy

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The president of the PSD party on 29 July defended specific measures to support the economy of the Algarve, claiming that the region "due to its dependence on tourism" cannot be treated like Porto or Lisbon.

"The Algarve cannot be treated in the same way, because the dependence that the metropolitan areas of Porto and Lisbon have on tourism is great, but not in the proportion that is in the Algarve," Rui Rio told reporters in Albufeira.

The leader of the Social Democrats, who began a two-day visit to the Algarve ton 29 July, said that the Government has an obligation to look at the region differently given its specificity, depending on tourism, the sector of economic activity most affected by the pandemic of the Covid-19.

Rui Rio said that during his trip to the region he aims to “listen to the reality on the ground, because it is one thing to be out of where the problems exist and another to perceive and feel the problems on the ground”.

For the social-democratic leader, Portugal is suffering from the fall in tourism, an extremely important sector for the national balance of payments, "it is necessary to find, and the Government in the first place, measures appropriate to the circumstances of the region".

According to Rui Rio, measures to support companies, through the lay-off, which are more concentrated for the months of August and September, may make sense, but he points out that in the Algarve, these months are not even the worst”.

"What is expected due to seasonality, I estimate, in October, November and thereafter, is that if companies did not have a minimally balanced billing in the summer, how will they endure the following months later", he questioned.

For the social-democratic leader, in the months outside the so-called high season, "very serious social problems" are foreseen, defending the implementation of measures "not to solve them, but to mitigate against them".

In Rio's opinion, if the health and economy situation due to the covid-19 pandemic improves “perhaps after Easter it will start again, not normality, but the path to normality”.

Rui Rio specified that his two-day trip to the Algarve intends to listen to businessmen and entities in the region, so that he can present measures to alleviate the problems of one of the largest tourist regions in the country.

"I decided to come to the Algarve to hear and be able to formalise, in my humble opinion, the measures that may be the most impactful for what is intended in the region", he concluded.


Just returned to the UK from Vilamoura. What a joke the British Goverment are !! The safest place in the world. I don’t know what’s going on, but the precautions the Algarve are taking are second to none. I felt safer there than In the UK. If you want a safe holiday go, they are doing all they can to protect you !!!

By Maxine Boardman from Algarve on 31-07-2020 05:08

One of the many enjoyable aspects of Portugal is not having industries there which would pollute the air and water. The beauty of Portugal and the lifestyle would be gravely impacted by bringing in industries. Portugal needs to continue on the course of tourism. If you want industry, move elsewhere.

By Beverly Todd from USA on 30-07-2020 04:14

And still the government sits on 470 tons of gold, were 1 ton is worth 64 million euros, surely it's time to sell some to prop up the economy .

By KARL BLORE⁰ from Algarve on 30-07-2020 10:20

We need to industrialise our country and rely less on tourism! That’s where our future lies!

By Anna from Madeira on 30-07-2020 09:27
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