Mercedes-Benz in the Algarve has a long standing reputation for offering exceptional vehicles combined with unrivalled customer service.

Present for over six decades in the Algarve, Mercedes-Benz began by being represented by C. Santos Algarve. Years later, in 1996, C. santos Algarve was acquired by the Hipogest group and two years later the facilities were remodelled so that the space would become better adapted to meet the demands and changes of the automotive market.

The company’s growth continued and in 2006, the Hipogest group acquired a unit in Évora, providing technical assistance and sales of original parts and accessories throughout the Alentejo and the Algarve region. The following year, the corporate name of the company was changed to StarSul – Automobile Trade S.A, a name which has become synonymous with service.

In 2019, StarSul opened a completely new unit in Beja, to complement the existing facilities already operational in Faro and Portimão.

Meanwhile a totally new Mercedes-Benz MAR2020 concept installation, has just opened this week, making it one of the first of its kind in Portugal. This concept focuses on the link between digital and analog, generating a new form of brand experience for every customer based on their unique needs.

The digital transformation demands completely new directions from dealerships. Tomorrow’s buyers are well informed, want the latest mobile networking technology, and demand custom mobility solutions. Customers have long since adjusted to sales and marketing. And Mercedes-Benz Consulting ensures that the forward-looking retail brand presentation arrives worldwide in the here and now — complete and across sectors.

The MAR2020 concept installation has been created to meet the adjusting needs of customers desires. The first operation opened in January 2018 in Flensburg. Meanwhile, more than 90 companies in Germany are implementing MAR2020. The pilots in Europe and overseas are on the home stretch and are partially completed.