Our community pages are an important resource for numerous charities, associations and clubs as a means of communicating news and developments taking place across Portugal. If you are part of a club, association, charity or group, then we are always happy to hear from you and to ensure that you receive the exposure that you need to get your message out there. Whether you are a local sports club, are involved in fund raising or are looking for new members, we remain dedicated to sharing this information with the community.
The letters page of the newspaper is also a popular place for readers to share their opinions, not only about articles in the newspaper but also about anything else that may have piqued their interest. Often controversial, but always of interest, our readers letters have long been one of the focal points of the newspaper and this has also grown online. The comments section at the end of each article is often a place for readers to share their views and engage in lively debate about subjects, while our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow readers to share the news directly with their friends and family and to also make their opinions heard.
The Portugal News also continues to get out and about in the community itself, meeting with individuals, businesses and groups, to delve deeper into the people that make up Portugal and to share their stories with readers. This allows us to bring you the stories that you want to read and can relate to while shining a light on unsung heroes and hidden gems of Portugal.
Make your voice heard and share your stories with us at The Portugal News.