Begin your journey through the undiscovered areas of Lagos in Odiáxere, at the Igreja Matriz, Moinho and Largo da Alegria, the perfect place to immerse yourself into the Lagos culture, before moving on to Bensafrim, where the traditions of the region are evident with every turn along the streets and with the people that you meet.
It is easy to see with a visit to Luz, why this location has become a firm favourite with tourists and foreign residents, thanks to the beautiful beach and dramatic coastline. Wandering along Avenida dos Pescadores and passing by the Nossa Senhora da Luz Fortress along the pavement which runs parallel to the sea, is a relaxing and unforgettable experience and for those looking for a piece of history, there is nothing like visiting the Roman Ruins or even the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz de Lagos. To enjoy a unique view of Luz, venture along the footpath between Porto de Mós and Talefo da Atalaia, a geodesic landmark built in 1926.
A little further off the beaten track you can find the picturesque village of Barão de São João with various historical and cultural influences. This village has become a meeting point for artists who present their works all over the area. The village lies right next to the Mata Nacional de Barão de São João, and is an essential stop for nature lovers thanks to the several trails for running, walking or mountain biking. These routes take you through the Via Algarviana that crosses the forest, the Pedra do Galo footpath, the Passeio das Figuras with its original works of art and the Passeio dos Poetas with its poetry stones.
The outdoor activities do not stop here, and the municipality of Lagos offers several other sporting options including tree climbing, ballooning, paintball, golf and many others. Meanwhile, the entire family can enjoy all that Lagos Zoo offers with its 140 species of animals and dozens of activities to enjoy.
Finally, why not take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the wild environment and biodiversity of the Barragem da Bravura in the interior of the municipality. Through its Biodiversity Station you can follow several signposted routes and read information panels where you can observe several species of plants, trees and animals, with visitors able to view the famous Monarch Butterfly along the route