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Prepare your home purchase like an F1 driver prepares for a race . . .

Buying a home is an important event in the lives of most people and it requires research, planning and preparation to ensure a winning outcome. It can be likened to the pre-race preparations undertaken by an F1 driver who must focus on victory. Without timely planning and good groundwork, the property purchase journey or race will be a wasted investment in time, energy and money.

Additionally, an F1 driver must be in peak physical and mental condition. They will have spent time in training and preparation so as to perform effectively under intense pressure. They will have eaten healthily and monitored their weight as well as taking time to be mentally prepared. The purchase of a property requires parallel preparation and planning. Buying a home in your native country can be a highly stressful process but buying in a foreign land will undoubtedly pose added challenges. An F1 driver will find conditions, such as weather, vary from country to country and this will test his ability to perform in shifting conditions.

Qualify for pole position . . .

Make your podium Boavista Golf & Spa. Located just a few kilometres to the west of the beautiful coastal town of Lagos. Set amongst manicured gardens and flanking the edges of a mature 18-hole golf course are stylish villas and apartments awaiting occupation. Alternatively, an off-plan purchase gives the opportunity to personalise a home. Our parent company is the highly reputed Emerson Group (Jones Homes Portugal) so buying at Boavista Golf & Spa ensures a secure investment.

We have built our long-established business by judicious planning, therefore, we encourage all clients who are preparing for a purchase to do the same. To buy your dream home in the Algarve sunshine, you may require additional funds, so our advice is to obtain a mortgage pre-qualification from a lending source. Portuguese banks are currently offering favourable rates (an average of 1.6%) so it may be appropriate to profit from this. Having your paperwork in order, or a loan pre-approval will help you to get to the finish line quicker.

The services and advice of a reputable solicitor or lawyer are paramount. There are many potential pitfalls and due diligence will ensure a smooth purchase process. We highly recommend that an appointment with a legal representative is scheduled when your decision to invest in a property is made - their early direction and advice will be invaluable. Generally, they will organise everything from obtaining fiscal numbers (compulsory in Portugal), the application for residency if required, the re-matriculation of a vehicle to the registration of utility bills once the purchase is complete. They may help with insurance requirements – otherwise seek out the services of an established provider for home and health matters.

If the advantage of the Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) scheme has attracted you to make Portugal your fiscal home (10 years tax free) or Golden Visa status, then it will be crucial that reputable financial and tax planning is sought. There is often conflicting advice in the marketplace so the services of an established company with experience of international tax laws should be a priority. Such a meeting is a worthwhile investment at the outset and is sure to pay dividends.

Suffice to say that victory is in the preparation. With that in mind, you can now harness the prep powers of the world’s greatest drivers to ensure you come out on top of the podium.

Visit the sales department and we will not only help you to find your perfect home but guide you through the twists and turns of the track to ensure a smooth ride!


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