Third phase of deconfinement requires everyone's responsibility

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The Secretary of State for Health defended on 29 May that when Portugal is preparing to enter the third phase of deflation due to the pandemic of the covid-19 "freedom is directly proportional to responsibility".

“We are about to enter the third phase of the deflation, which compromises us even more. Our freedom is directly proportional to our responsibility,” said António Lacerda Sales, who was speaking at the daily press conference on the balance sheet of the covid-19 pandemic in Portugal, alongside the general director of Health, Graça Freitas.

The Secretary of State for Health also took stock of the testing that has been carried out, pointing out that “since 1 March, more than 796 thousand diagnostic tests have been carried out with 7 percent of positive processed samples”.

“And the test stock is maintained at around one million, which guarantees stability in terms of testing”, guaranteed the minister.

António Lacerda Sales said that on Thursday, 28 May, "more than 10,200 clinical surveys were carried out through the 'Trace Covid' platform, which represents "more than 200" compared to Wednesday, 27 May.

Currently, still according to data reported by the Secretary of State for Health, this platform has 450 thousand users followed by more than 73 thousand health professionals.


Again! Another comment censored! Why? Was it untrue or because it would not just reflect your interests?

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 31-05-2020 04:04

Are these just empty words or just mere hypocrsy! Our Covid 19 numbers are still, contrary to some other countries, very high! I can't understand the government intention of establishing a contamination corridor with one of the worse affected countries just to save the touristic season a make a few coins (pounds) apparently at the cost of irresponsibly increasing a well known and unnecessary risk!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 31-05-2020 01:05
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