The “manual of good practices - Algarve Clean & Safe”, includes a set of recommendations “with specific tips by industry” - accommodation, restaurants and the like, marinas and recreational ports, beach concessions, golf, water parks, companies of tourist entertainment, campsites and motorhomes, rent-a-car, travel agencies and events.

Among the recommendations are cleaning and hygiene procedures, training of employees and information to be made available to tourists and visitors, in accordance with the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) and international guidelines.

According to RTA, it is a manual “pioneer among national tourist destinations of special relevance, at a time when the Government announced the reopening of the beaches for June 6 and where the gradual resumption of the influx of tourists to the Algarve is expected” .

“This manual is an example of all the efforts that we have been making. We hope it will become a reference for everyone who, daily, makes us the biggest tourist destination in the country and who will now have added challenges ”, stressed the president of tourism in the Algarve, quoted in a statement from RTA.

According to João Fernandes, the Algarve region "is ready to restart its tourist activity, with the commitment of national authorities, public and private agents in the tourism sector".

The president of RTA welcomed the measures approved on Friday by the Government for the reopening of beaches: “We welcome the measures (…) for the reopening of beaches, one of our ex-libris, and we want to do so with complete security ”.

“It will be time for the Algarve to offer the moments of tranquility that, more than ever, everyone longs for”, emphasizes the responsible.

The manual of good practices, to mitigate the effects of covid-19 on tourism in the Algarve, was prepared in conjunction with various entities in the sector, among which, Turismo de Portugal, Association of Driverless Car Rental Industries, National Council of the Golf Industry, Portuguese Association of Recreational Ports, Association of Hospitality, Catering and Similars of Portugal and Association of Camping Sites in the Alentejo and Algarve.

Portugal accounts for 1,203 deaths associated with covid-19 in 28,810 confirmed cases of infection, according to the latest daily bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) on the pandemic.

In relation to the previous day, there are 13 more deaths (+ 1%) and 227 more cases of infection (+ 0.8%).

Portugal entered on May 3 in a calamity situation due to the pandemic, after three consecutive periods in a state of emergency since March 19.

This new phase of combating covid-19 provides for mandatory confinement for sick people and under active surveillance, the general duty of home collection and the mandatory use of masks or visors in public transport, public attendance services, schools and commercial establishments.

The Government approved on Friday new measures that come into force on Monday, including the resumption of visits to users of nursing homes, the reopening of daycare centers, face-to-face classes for the 11th and 12th years and the reopening of some street shops, cafes, restaurants, museums, monuments and palaces. The return of community religious ceremonies is scheduled for May 30 and the beaches will open for June 6.