The conference is to be held in Lisbon's Altice Arena between 6 and 9 November. These tickets are valid for half a day in the conference (morning or afternoon) to attend the conferences that take place on the main stage.

To participate, young people must register on the Web Summit website and then share the link on their personal social page. The more the link its shared, the higher the chances of them winning tickets.

The ‘Inspire Portugal’ event is being promoted in partnership with the government and is to be presented by the economy minister, Manuel Caldeira Cabra on Monday.

Founded in 2010 by Paddy Cosgrave and co-founders Daic Hickey and David Kelly, the Web Summit is one of the world's largest technology, innovation and entrepreneurship events. It was first held in 2010 in Ireland and it is to remain in Lisbon until 2020 and possibly another two years after that.