In country-wide operations aimed at preventing and combating violent crime and road surveillance between August 16-22, the GNR also arrested 49 people for drug trafficking, 14 for possession of a prohibited weapon or illegal possession of a weapon, four for domestic violence, three for theft, three for grievous bodily harm, two for forgery of documents and one for damage.

During the operations, the GNR seized 16,520 doses of hashish, 3,109 cannabis plants, 2,800 cannabis seeds, 95 doses of cocaine, eight illegal weapons, five firearms, 633 rounds of ammunition, 35 counterfeit items, 18 vehicles, 308 kilos of fish, 3,625 kilos of shellfish and €300 in cash.

As for road surveillance operations, 8,389 offences were detected, including 3,235 for speeding, 357 for drink driving, 368 for lack of MOT (mandatory periodic inspection) and 423 related to anomalies in lighting and signalling systems.

The GNR also detected 263 offences for lack or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems, 271 for improper use of mobile phones while driving, 186 for lack of civil liability insurance and 213 related to tachographs.