The Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita explained that the 130,000 foreign citizens who remained in good standing were those who had cases pending before the Foreigners and Borders Service until
18 March, when it was
decided to enact a state of emergency.
The minister said that these immigrants will continue in this situation until SEF assistance starts to operate fully, but he did not specify when.
Eduardo Cabrita stressed that the provisional attribution of this right to 130,000 foreign citizens allowed “the full right to healthcare” during this period.
“Portugal issued an order establishing that for 130,000 citizens who had a decision on their residence permit pending, a safeguard that guaranteed access to healthcare, social security support and various rights, such as entering into a contract lease or employment contract, ”he said.
The minister also highlighted the way in which Portugal guaranteed in a state of emergency “the principles of equality in relation to the most at risk”.