When it comes to culture, the municipality invites residents and visitors to learn the story of a women born 100 years ago but who still shapes the culture of the country. When exploring the landscape, a route cutting across the coastline offers walkers an unforgettable experience.

Amália, the woman who carried Portugal in her voice.

“Welcome Amália” is the title of the exhibition that is on show until 21 November 2020 in the Pintor Manuel Gamboa room at the Convento de S. José in Lagoa, Algarve.

Conceived by the Amália Rodrigues Foundation, this exhibition is a “tour” of the Portuguese diva all over the country and is integrated in the national programme of commemorations of the centenary of her birth which counts with the High Sponsorship of His Excellency the President of the Republic.

In conceptual terms, the exhibition is organised in 4 modules that aim to make some of the various facets of Amália known.

The first, called “Amália Global” shows the artist on the stages of the world. It combines 24 photographs with excerpts of cuttings from the world’s press printed on fabric.

The second module refers to “Amália in private”. It consists of 3 sculptures in the form of an open box where the faces can be seen, printed in black and white photographs of Amália and manuscripts of her poems.

“Amália in the Dressing Room” is the third module. It reveals Amália in her cathartic process of transfiguration and the incarnation of Amália the Artist, in which the backstage of the great Olympia, Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Centre are staged. Conceptually it translates into a mirrored screen, consisting of 7 steering wheels where we can identify objects that Amália took with her for her performances.

Finally, “Amália Ela Mesma” is presented. Through audiovisual records Amália reiterates her genius and brilliance, her astuteness, the spirit of those who, crossing seas, oceans and continents, took Portugal and the Portuguese language further. With Amália, the Portuguese language and Fado were elevated. The recognition of Fado as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO was in no small part due to Amália’s contribution.

A journey across the Seven Suspended Valleys
The Seven Suspended Valleys is the name of a footpath and walking route that take in the exceptional natural coastal landscape.

The Seven Suspended Valleys route has been the recipient of several international awards.

Whoever decides to (re)discover the 7 Suspended Valleys - which connects the Vale Centeanes beach to Praia da Marinha - along the 5.7 kilometers that extend next to a coast, is surprised by some of the most beautiful and quiet expressions of a sublime nature.

Whether you are undertaking the walk for the first time or rediscovering this beautiful route, it is sure to reaffirm the impression of exquisite natural beauty found in this unique corner of the world in the municipality of Lagoa, Algarve.