Students protest against inequality and tuition fees

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Brigada Estudantil, a group that defends students' rights, will be holding demonstrations on the 17 November also known as International Student Day. This will take place in several cities across Portugal with students protesting against social inequalities in higher education and for the eradication of tuition fees.

Brigada Estudantil wrote in a statement that “its demonstration’s purpose is to demand the end of tuition fees and social inequalities in higher education, which have been worsened due to the pandemic”.

"Our higher education institutions have shown once again that they are only concerned about profit and have continued to charge tuition fees while we see the deteriorating living conditions of our families," they said.

For the Brigada Estudantil, the promise that tuition fees would help improve the quality of education was only "another instrument of social screening of students."

Brigada Estudantil stated that “instead of asserting itself as a space for inclusion, formation and intellectual and cultural development, University has become an increasingly restricted, inaccessible and elitist space".

In the statement, Brigada Estudantil said that the demonstration "Geração à Rasca 2.0" begins in Largo de Camões, Lisbon, at 4pm and there are also demonstrations in Praça da República, in Coimbra, and in The Lions Square, in front of the rectory of the University of Porto.

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I think this woke nonsense has even infected the Portuguese youth. Since the news of American election its as though the devil gave the infected minds a platform to start making arguments for the brake down of sanity and normalcy. You want to learn higher education, it's natural to pay for it. It's a system that was built to help minds who genuinely care about changing the world in a positive way not a stupid way. You want free, the university will be delaptdated run down and their will be no more tutoring, professionals teaching universities and their profs will be no more as you see they will not get paid. This equality nonsense has to stop as well. You are causing the problem and the distruction of society and your future is at risk. Even if you were to get what you want and say a fee pass on your exams even though you did not study... What then! Look at south Africa that's exactly what is happening, slowly nobody works or does their job as long as they can give themselves a raise for work not done.. But then again they also complain when they get caught or play the blame game or race card. Equality does not work free stuff does not work its a break down of morals, values, characters and downright stupid. Wake up you are foolish to think that this is something that would work. It only benefits those that started these idiotic movements. They care for you, nope they don't, you are just puppets on a string doing their bidding. And sadly, to your own distruction.

By Lynette from Other on 10-11-2020 04:31

International students also have facing issues with getting an appointment to the SEF. I think the University administrations have to think about it very seriously. The SEF website has shows no more appointments, while the numbers given by them are non-respondent anymore.

By Ankit R. Patel from Other on 08-11-2020 04:06
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