Lagoa has a lot of high quality products to offer. It is therefore a municipality prepared to attract visitors with high expectations. There is, without a doubt, a growing demand of tourists who seek diversified experiences outside the norm. Lagoa has a wide range of offers, which go beyond the famous internationally recognised beaches. For example, the existing wine tourism offer is proving its vitality and attracting more and more wine enthusiasts.

When it comes to wine, vines, gastronomy, traditions, art, handicraft products or local culture, there are valuable wine tourism projects in Lagoa, such as Adega Única, Monte de Salicos, Morgado do Quintão, Quinta dos Santos or Quinta dos Vales, which combine traditional wine tastings and visits to farms with genuine and memorable experiences, such as a visit to one of the oldest wineries in the country, artistic creation or the history of a family vineyard.

The relationship between the municipality of Lagoa and the wine and vine dates back thousands of years. The Phoenicians introduced the drink to this region in the 8th Century BC. Later, Romans and Arabs invested in this connection. In the middle of the 20th Century, the municipality of Lagoa was a wine hotspot in the region and in the country. In 2015 the “Lagoa Wine Show” was launched as one of the main events to promote this strong link between wine and gastronomy. Fado and other local heritages, such as handicraft, join this strong link.

In the field of catering, the municipality of Lagoa has an enormous diversity in its offer. The choice can be made from a wide range of food, from the most genuine and traditional to signature kitchens. Among the different options that we find in the territory of Lagoa, are restaurants that have been awarded nationally and internationally, including the highest recognition, the Michelin star.

In recent years, the hotel offer has not only increased but has also become more and more refined. Increasingly famed in its environment, respecting its roots and local culture, the wide range of proposals surprises both in quality and quantity.

The new dynamics of tourism also imply the modernisation and adaptation of architecture and territory. Urban spaces have become a “product” of high interest for those who travel or seek to get to know new places, since they constitute a meeting point between historical memory and what we wish to become. Cities therefore arouse great tourist interest. In this context, among the many reasons that make the various urban centres of the municipality of Lagoa a recommended tourist destination, the absence of massive construction should be highlighted.

The conditions for the practice of sport - be it at different competitive levels or for various sports - is yet another of the hallmarks of this municipality. In particular, golf is among the most important activities in this region. Here it is possible to practice golf all year round, thanks to the excellent temperatures of the Algarve region. Currently there are three excellent golf courses in the county, which should soon be joined by another one from the Pestana group.

Walking Trails
The walking trails are another distinctive aspect of the tourist offer of this municipality. There are multiple possibilities which include trails and mountain and sea landscapes. The “Seven Hanging Valleys” route has been one of the most outstanding, both for references in specialised media and for the awarding of prizes that position it as “the best hiking destination in Europe”.