“Once again, we were able to incorporate relatively simple measures and comply with what was stipulated”, said Graça Freitas during the press conference about the covid-19 pandemic in Portugal.

For the director general, the two days with curfew starting at 1:00 pm went as expected and the eventual risk that the measure would increase the concentration of people in spaces was not verified.

“It's just adapting to a new way of being in the coming weeks. I do not think that any situation has occurred that has put the population at special risk”, she explained.

Asked about the actions to contest the measures of the state of emergency due to the impact they have on some sectors of the economy, namely restaurants and culture, Graça Freitas underlined the freedom of people to speak out.

"But we would like this freedom to be exercised safely", she added, commenting on the non-compliance with physical distance and the use of a mask by some people during the protests due to the new restrictions. Restaurants are only allowed to be open until 1:00pm during the weekend in the stipulated municipalities, which has considerable losses to the sector.