"There will most likely have to be, depending on the epidemiological situation we are experiencing, the changing of holiday plans for 2020, as there was at the beginning of this year," Marta Temido said during the press conference on the covid-19 epidemic. The minister admitted that this is "a difficult decision" because "it is an additional effort that health professionals are asked to do" as well as whether they may have to ask professionals in other areas.

Marta Temido recalled that "this is a particularly demanding moment" and, therefore, again stressed that it is "urgent to stop the transmission of the infection", because "the system has limits of resistance". She explained that "it is not possible to replace the health professionals who are on the front line. There is no possibility to train either doctors or nurses quickly, give them all the training and skills they have and allow people to rest."

For the person responsible, this is "another sign" that should lead people to strengthen the new rules of infection control and "make the greatest efforts". In any case, the decision to change holiday plans "is still being taken in the context of the lives of institutions and the possibilities of managing the first need to respond to the population and the need to allow vacations so that people can get back together and be better able to be at the front line."