CTT workers set to strike

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CTT workers will be on strike on 30 November and on 2 and 3 December in defence of wage increases for 2020 while calling for the increase in the number of workers providing the postal service.

According to the secretary general of the National Union of Postal and Telecommunications Workers (SNTCT), Vitor Narciso, the strike is expected to have “a great impact on the service and treatment and distribution of post, but that is the intention, for the company to understand the workers’ indignation and for the public to understand what is happening at CTT”.

“What we intend is to restore normality to CTT in terms of collective contracting and the quality of public service that is provided to the population, which is getting worse, with the delays increasing in the distribution of correspondence,” said the leader to the Lusa News agency.

“The company said it had no money, but shortly afterwards it distributed bonuses, with subjective criteria, and anticipated the payment of the Christmas subsidy, it seems that the problem is not a lack of money, but the lack of desire to increase wages ”, he stated.

The SNTCT is one of eight union members involved in negotiations with CTT that called for the strike that will take place at national level.

According to Vitor Narciso, the union proposal went down, at the last conciliation meeting, to a salary increase of €20 per worker, retroactive to 1 June 2020, instead of retroactive to January.

“Even so, the company did not accept it, but workers are not satisfied with not having an increase this year”, he said, recalling that since the privatisation of CTT in 2013, workers have had a 5.3 percent wage growth over eight years”, said.


My son sent a recorded delivery parcel to me 4th December tracking states it left UK 5th December STILL NOT ARRIVED ????. Family and friends sent Christmas cards 3rd to 7th December again NOT ARRIVED. What an utterly disgusting service.. Why bother having a postal service as nothing gets to its destination.

By Pauline from Algarve on 28-12-2020 07:23

I am interested

By Manu k babu from Porto on 21-11-2020 07:16

Few days ago I got letters from Finland which were mailed 2,5 months ago! One of them had response time 30 days, which I missed because of postal services. Is this because of low wages, incompetence or broken processes!?
There is several courier services which we will use for Xmas packets.

By Seppo Halminen from Algarve on 21-11-2020 04:55

There are numerous couriers available which we have decided to use for christmas packages.

I just got several letters sent by mail two and half months ago from Finland!! One of them required my response within 30 days. My rights had expired on hands of postal services!

By Seppo Halminen from Algarve on 21-11-2020 10:43

CTT employees must be living in cloud cuckoo land. They are asking for more postal workers to be hired at a time when the volume of mail is declining and expected to continue falling. That is totally unreasonable. They should be grateful for the 5.3% increase in pay they've had in recent years, as many in the private sector have had no pay increase for years. Once again, privileged public sector workers expecting special treatment when they are already the most protected in the country.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 20-11-2020 06:38

Mailing something in Portugal is like shooting dice, you could win, but most of the time you lose

By Daniel from USA on 20-11-2020 09:55

Will we notice any difference to what is already an appallingly bad service

By Ann Bate from Algarve on 20-11-2020 09:32

UNhappy workers.....equal stolen goods.

By Marco from Algarve on 20-11-2020 08:48
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