They quickly adapted and realised that there would be a demand for high-quality home meal deliveries and so Contact Catering (formerly No Contact Catering) was born!

They did not rest there though and during this time they continued to formulate the plans for their new restaurant. At the heart of their plans are the Executive Head Chef, Jonnie Pratt, and Expert Sommelier, Justin O’Hanlon.

Jonnie has extensive experience as a chef and prides himself on making as much of the offering as possible from scratch. Justin has years of experience in the hospitality industry and a personal passion for great wine and customer service.
Combining their complementary skills, Jonnie and Justin set out to develop a new restaurant for the Algarve. A creative and imaginative offering that takes pride in using home grown and homemade produce.

After much deliberation and consideration, the name Tribulum was chosen. As an ancient piece of farming machinery, the word seemed fitting as they grow their own produce, herbs, fruit and vegetables. You can see a beautiful 300-year old tribulum in pride of place in the restaurant.

Jonnie has designed the menu using locally sourced, home grown and seasonal Portuguese ingredients with an international influence. They also have an enticing wine selection with some eclectic personal recommendations from Justin.

In addition to the dinner menu, they also offer a daily changing lunch menu, a Sunday lunch and menus for special occasions such as Christmas. The Tribulum bar offers a selection of drinks and a cocktail menu with signature creations crafted by their team of expert mixologists.

Designed by the Principal at Thomasina Sawyer Studio, Tribulum is a relaxed and stylish setting with bespoke, hand-painted wall panels and a nod towards traditional Portuguese icons and design.

Through these challenging circumstances the team have created something outstanding and they look forward to welcoming you to Tribulum soon.