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The review

Holiday SOS- by Ben Macfarlane

This book revolves around Dr. Ben MacFarlane, the UK’s flying doctor.

He is a doctor who works in “repatriation.” He assists people in returning to Britain who find themselves in a medical emergency/situation. He is sent by the insurance company to collect the ‘patient’ in question. He is allocated a case, he reviews the patient file, packs the required equipment/medication and then sets off to collect them.

‘Holiday SOS’ is all about his endeavors. We get to follow the doctor around as he flies to all sorts of locations, in an aim to help people out of their holiday emergencies. His stories vary from funny, crazy, unexpected and full of drama.

What started out as a way to earn extra money soon becomes a full-time job with the added bonus of travelling and all the perks that come with that lifestyle.

You cannot help but be amazed at what happens to other people on holiday.

We get a glimpse into the banter between doctors, nurses, office workers and his relationship with his boss Jackie.

Although ´Holiday SOS’ is humorous at times there are more serious stories in the book.

The book shows both the good and bad side of repatriations through the authors’ eyes.

If you have never given any thought to what could happen when you are on holiday then this book is an eye opener. You may never travel without insurance as a result.

I managed to read this book quickly. Although this is not the type of book, I would normally read I found it interesting and informative and would recommend you add this book to your reading list.

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