More than 5,000 teachers responded to the survey by the National Federation of Teachers, which aimed to understand the health security conditions in schools and what teachers perceive.

Only 9.5 percent said they felt safe in schools, according to data released from the online survey that ended less than a week ago.

The remaining 90.5 percent of teachers are divided between those who are concerned (67.4 percent) and those who even admit that they are afraid of being infected (23.1 percent) because they consider that conditions are lacking in schools, the survey indicates.

One of the problems pointed out by the majority is related to the size of the classes, which has not changed, preventing a greater distance within the classrooms, according to the responses that came from teachers at all levels of education.

Regarding the cleaning of spaces, the most common is that the operational assistants only do it at the end of the day, similarly to what happened before the pandemic.

In this task, schools also started to count on the help of students and teachers who clean the rooms between each use.

The lack of operational assistants was another of the shortcomings pointed out, with only 17.5 percent saying that there are now more staff in schools. The vast majority stated that the number of assistants remains unchanged and 18.5 percent mentioned that this year there are fewer people in schools.

Regarding the Government's programme of free distribution of masks to schools, the teachers confirm that they were delivered, but almost half of the responses call on the quantity or quality, pointing as defects, for example, the fact that the elastics break very easily.

The lack of conditions in schools during the pandemic is one of the reasons that led Fenprof to announce a national strike on 11 December.