Christmas and New Year lockdown measures to be announced

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Restrictions for the festive period in Portugal are to be announced by the Prime Minister who has warned that New Year will see a strict lockdown.

Prime Minister, António Costa, has stated that he will announce the lockdown measures and restrictions for Portugal on 5 December.

“The Government proposed to the President of the Republic, and he accepted that this time, that when we announce the renewal of the state of emergency, we can announce not only the measures for the next fortnight, but also the measures for the next fortnight, that is, until the 6 or 7 January ”, said António Costa today, in an interview with Observador radio.

According to the Prime Minister, “it is essential that people can have an early idea of ??what Christmas is going to be like”, this week being decisive for the decision on these measures, which he will announce.

“We are all going to make the effort to be able to have Christmas in the best possible conditions, but right after that, there is one thing that I can anticipate right now, that New Year will have restrictions because there cannot be any kind of tolerance”, he warned.

Costa made it clear that this year Portugal “will not be able to have a normal Christmas”, and the Government is working with specialists to help “families to be able to understand the logic of the transmission of viruses and what needs to be avoided as much as possible”.

“The more Christmas takes place at the table, the more dangerous it is because at the table we are sat without a mask. The more people that are at the table the more dangerous it is because the risk of contamination is greater”, he said.

“Our collective goal should be that on 24 and 25 December, people can move around and find each other safely, avoiding the risks of contagion as much as possible,” he said, reiterating the effort “to find a solution” for Christmas.

However, and despite going to announce the measures for Christmas already on Saturday, Costa left a warning: “everything depends on how the pandemic evolves from there”.

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You guys are something, You should just go to your local hospital and see the guys gasping for air.
Then ask to see the morg
Then crawl back to your home and hang your head in shame

By Joe from USA on 09-12-2020 08:06

Ewe guys! Ewe flatter me with all your honorable mentions...I guess I do thank ewe. I thought ewe would have starved to death by now, ...oh...but wait....don't tell me ewe put on masks to get your groceries! Would that make ewe wolves in sheeples clothing? Ewe are the black sheeples of the human family, just following somebody else now.

By William from Other on 08-12-2020 09:25

Lock-up all the politicans and there will be no covid. What a mess they have created; keep voting sheeple and trust your leaders.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 05-12-2020 10:59

Guy You are absolutely correct. The joker above you needs to open his eyes but more importantly his mind. Do some research you fawking idiot. Connect the dots. This is all a Scam. Even Kary Mullis the inventor of the RT-PCR tests admits the test is unreliable. Coincidentally he “died” right before all this BS started. Deaths are being reclassified as COViD deaths. I.e cause of death from the main killer every year Heart disease. False positives which are NOT testing for a new virus but are testing for a genetic code...and taking samples of DNA. P.s conspiracy theory was a term invented by the CIA right after the assassination of JFK. Just because someone says the term “conspiracy theory” does Not mean it’s not true. Cheers and good luck to you all....NO VACCINE NO tests NO masks.

By George Orwell from Algarve on 05-12-2020 03:22

Where are the sick or infected people? I have not seen any people past weeks with any flu symptoms? There is not what I have noticed any ambulances picking up sick people, the hospitals where is the overwhelming admittance of patients, can we go and see this with our own eyes?

The only lines is created by police and guards outside pingo doce and other supermarkets to stress upp the population.

Where is the logic to create large lines and gatherings outside supermarkets it is exactly the same as when the customers walk around inside the shops.

Police officers stand in streets and talk with business people nobody is wearing any masks, maybe the virus stay away from police and people in grey suits and ties?

We dont need to refer to conspiracys to see that it is by now not normal the measures taken for a virus that is dangerous to 80 years or older people, it is now arbitrary rules aimed against small businesses and working people.

I repeat again a real pandemic is visible not like this one hiding on the other side of Burger King plexi glass...

By Magnus from Lisbon on 05-12-2020 01:42

William, you are perhaps prone to becoming the best sheep of the pack. Much loved by the bureaucrats conforming to each rule and regulation they wish to instigate. May I suggest, for you to invest your energy into the simple act of 'asking questions' as to why this has all befallen upon us, not over the span of 10 years but rather less than 1 year. Perhaps then you may thank an individual like Guy Fawkes to make you realise what is in fact being forced upon you is nothing more than the good old days of Salazar and his dictatorship, only this time in the most deceitful mannerism and on a global scale !
The modern form of a dictatorship and fascism is quite literally today's version of what is unfolding in front of our eyes on a daily basis.
Livelihoods being ruined simply because they don't care about you and me pushing a virus that even the test for it is inaccurate by an exponential degree.
Do you still believe in the virus that has a 99.9% survival rate ?
Also just for some educational purposes, did you know what they don't want you to know what in fact COVID-19 actually stands for ? It stands for "Certificate of Vaccination Identity established in 2019" They wouldn't want you to know this as it will ruin their mass vaccination program that will happen to print a lot of euros and dollars for their stakeholders along the way.......!
Allow me to quote the late Otto Gritschneder a globally respected human rights lawyer:
"Who falls asleep in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship."
Time to wake up maybe ? Believe me, the grass is greener on the otherside especially when not part of the sheeple your beloved government happens to be waving their carrot in front of their noses.

By Ricardo Santos from Lisbon on 04-12-2020 11:33

Yes there is no pandemic this is all imagined all these deaths didn't really happen, its all a big conspiracy. OMG I can't believe there are people out there that believe this stuff. We all need to take this seriously, we need to be vigilant and use some common sense which unfortunately most law makers don't have. There will always be risks in life, this pandemic happens to be a big risk so be smart and stay safe. We can't spend the rest of our lives hiding under the bed .

By Tony B from USA on 04-12-2020 02:50

Oh dear, Guy Fawkes, that's either a joke (but in poor taste and insulting to the families of the 1.5 million dead worldwide) or you need to make an urgent appointment with your psychiatrist. Please keep your unhinged ideas to yourself. We're dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic and we should be giving daily thanks to the scientists, medical workers and others who are working tirelessly for all of us.

By Felix from UK on 04-12-2020 12:21

Don't be a fawkesing idiot. Use your imagination for something more productive, and stop hiding behind conspiracy theories because you haven't developed your coping skills for life.

By William from Other on 04-12-2020 11:55


This is now clear this is a totalitarian communist globalist take down of society, planned by WHO, WEF, UN, EU, who are controlling this, and are pulling the strings in all our governments

People now must refuse to conform!

Independent doctors, scientists have shown the covid data used to promote this fear, is fraudulent, brought about by a pcr test kit that gives false positives of up to 97%.

Millions of people are now dying, killed, being murdered by the actions of these corrupt politicians enforcing this phony lockdowns.

People have now no food, lost home, lost business, no money, no social security support,

This news paper, Portugal news is TERRIFIED to even print comments that tell truth.

Wake up people, wake up.....

By Guy fawkes from Lisbon on 04-12-2020 08:56
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