“Don’t be afraid” of Covid-19 vaccine.

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Researcher João Gonçalves has called on the population not to be afraid of possible adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccine because it is the immune system "fighting and being educated" against the vaccine.

Asked whether immunity caused by the vaccine has safety problems, the researcher said that the information available is that "all those equations" that were put forward as potential side effects to vaccines are not occurring.

"The indications are that the available data for all the vaccines we have present only indicate that the side effects are the side effects of a stimulation of the immune system. So, one more piece of advice for people back home, don't be afraid because immunity won't create completely foreign side effects in your life," he stressed at the meeting, where experts take stock of the measures taken to combat Covid-19 and look at how the disease is developing in the country.

For the researcher, immunity must continue to be assessed once the vaccine is on the market.

João Gonçalves also asked people not to be afraid of how quickly the vaccine was achieved, noting that "all the necessary stages in the development of vaccines" have been accomplished.

So, he argued, "monitoring is important, and Infarmed will certainly have guidance for that, but monitoring this immunity and the resistance we will have to the vaccines will be very important".

In short, the researcher said that all that is known about the benefits of immunity to the vaccine, "clearly outweigh the risks of non-vaccination, we will have a lower risk of the disease, we will have some side effects and we will have a reduction in transmission".

"This is certainly very important and it would be very bad for science, very bad for humanity, if we after eight months of terrible and intense work from the social and research point of view could not have all this immunity here well established and capable of protecting us against this virus", he stressed.

On the effectiveness of the vaccines, the expert warned that "there will potentially be a lot of variation from person to person".

In the same vein, the vaccine's immunity will vary from person to person. In the case of age, for example, it is likely that the elderly will have less immunity.

Given that the vaccine will not create immunity for everyone and that it is not yet known when group immunity will be created, João Gonçalves leaves a warning: "The homework is not finished yet!”

In his speech, António Roldão, from the Institute of Experimental Biology and Technology, said that the 21st century alone has seen some 20 outbreaks of infectious diseases.

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When Main Stream Media has to convince people to get vaccinated, the advertisement isn't working.

By Mr Marvelous from Algarve on 10-02-2021 10:59

The covid19 vaccines promoted on the basis of positive tests in Portugal have been totally discredited by a court in Portugal as well as experts across the world for being unreliable. This means the pandemic is questionable and yet we continue with harmful measures, why? The other issue is how harmful are masks to children and people deprived of oxygen. This vaccine is a genetic engineering experiment and is not a vaccine like any other and yet it is being promoted to use on ordinary people without testing, why and some researcher João Gonçalves, who is he? What proof does he have of his statements, are they tested for evidence? No, let him be the experiment, we will return to see the impacts and we will require empirical proof that he took one of these vaccines as well as any politicians or health professionals. It will be tested and so will he, should he or others are still alive and in charge of their health or faculties.

By Ms from Other on 01-01-2021 10:43

Top German virologist warns people to NOT take these vaccines!

Professor Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi is a German virologist and professor of microbiology. He is an ethnic Thai who was born in the USA and educated at schools in Switzerland, Egypt, and Thailand. He studied medicine at the University of Bonn. Prior to his retirement, he was a professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and, from 1991 to 2012, director of the Medical Institute for Microbiology and Hygiene in Germany.

Dr. Bhakdi is 73 years old, and says he will never allow himself to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In the following video he explains about the four major risks associated with the new vaccine.

By Guy from USA on 16-12-2020 01:50

With vaccines that permanently alter human genetic makeup on the horizon, and given the corporate and government-agency penchant for secrecy, we are already inhabiting the Brave New World. It’s not a distant prospect.

To help facilitate the alteration of human DNA through the Covid vaccine, the intention is to actually insert nanobots into the human body, as the following article titles will illustrate:

– “Autonomous robots that can be injected? Not as far off as it sounds, say boffins, thanks to new ion-powered silicon legs,” TheRegister.com, August 27, 2020.

– “Microscopic robots may soon invade your body [through the Covid vaccine]–whether you like it or not,” New York Post, August 31, 2020.

– “An Army of Microscopic Robots is Ready to Patrol Your Body,” SingularityHub.com, September 8, 2020.

– “Scientists build army of 1 million microrobots that can fit inside a hypodermic needle,” CNET.com, August 26, 2020.

– “Scientists propose putting nanobots in our bodies to create ‘global superbrain,’” SiliconRepublic.com, April 21, 2019.

– “Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Your Body by 2030,” InterestingEngineering.com, April 25, 2017.

The even scarier subtitle read:

“In 10 years, tiny nanobots in your blood might help keep you from getting sick or even transmit your thoughts to a wireless cloud”

– “Nanobots will live in our brains in the 2030s, says Google boss,” Irish Times, October 19, 20

Do you not see that the Covid scam has been orchestrated, amongst other things, to con you into allowing nanobots into your system, and that this has been in the works long before Covid came along?

By Maury from Other on 08-12-2020 08:45

Hello, slaves. Are you ready for another "lockdown?" This is an expression formerly reserved for our prisons, but now applied to you, the free-range criminal guilty of being not dead yet.

Yes, the vaccine is very safe and it's very important that we "hunker down" until the syringe full of brain poison is ready. You'll be glad to take that autism injection once we're done with you. Then you can have your "Covi-Pass," you contemptible meat-sack.

We rule over you. We're going to keep you safe.

By anon274 from Other on 07-12-2020 08:01

Mr Gonçalves seems to be rather trivialising potential side effects give the complete absence of long term safety studies.

Less than a year to develop, test, manufacture and declare a drug safe ?

By Miguel from Lisbon on 06-12-2020 09:17

We're are currently facing a massive "surge" of an unbelievably deadly virus, which explains the piles of dead bodies rotting in the streets, the massive popular demand for a vaccine and our elites wearing hazmat suits and isolating themselves as much as possible.

If you don't take a syringe full of poison humanity is going to die off. Then you can have your "covi-pass," you contemptible slave. Show everyone what a good and obedient slave you are by displaying proof of taking the moron needle, as if your dead eyes and gaping, drooling mouth isn't evidence enough...

By Alejandro from Other on 05-12-2020 10:53

No Thanks !

By Stevio Baresi from Porto on 05-12-2020 10:04
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