At a press conference at the party's national headquarters in Lisbon, Catarina Martins announced that this package of measures includes three axes - "measures to support companies", "new requirements for compliance with labour legislation" and "support for those who lost their wages and income".

With regard to business support, the party wants to "facilitate the access of micro companies and sole proprietors to the various support measures that already exist", by supporting the formalisation of applications and eliminating the requirement for organised accounting, and also proposes the "extension of the moratoriums in force, at least until July 2021 [depending on the generalisation of the vaccine against covid-19], and with the possibility of payment plans from that date excluding interest and fines".

According to the BE proposal, the moratoriums "must extend throughout the pandemic period" and their end "cannot mean the bankruptcy of companies by an abrupt and unaffordable increase in their expenses".

"We have had a clear problem in these recent times of a lag between the announcements that are being made, moreover sometimes announcements about announcements, regarding the support to the economy and, in particular to the sectors most affected by the crisis, and the capacity of these supports to reach the ground, " said Catarina Martins, referring to an INE study which confirms that" only 30 percent [of the companies affected by the crisis] accessed the support" and that "there is a great loss of employment, namely in workers with fewer qualifications and lower wages ".

"It is not possible for the Government to continue announcing measures to support the economy that later are not implemented and do not reach the sectors most in need of these measures", nor to workers, she stressed, defending "a structural change in the way the measures are launched and designed ".