The guys from the tendermeets dating platform told us that despite the pandemic situation and its affection for Portugal, the basics of what you should do to start dating in this country didn’t change at all. However, some activities to make your date better must be paused due to the risk.

Learning the Basics About Portuguese Dating Culture

Some of you already know how beautiful Portuguese women are and how passionate Portuguese men can be. That’s why you’re here, looking for a way to meet singles in Portugal. For those who don’t know anything about dating culture in Portugal, we have some tips.

First of all, don’t expect some weird traditions in Portugal when it comes to dating. It’s similar to most other countries. People are open and friendly. Most of them like to cook, watch football and live at their own pace. In the cities, that pace is faster than in rural areas, so you should adjust your aim depending on what you want. Younger generations are using dating apps and sites for years. Most of them meet either in clubs or online. Since clubs aren’t what they used to be, most of them use only dating apps. Older generations in Portugal weren’t huge fans of online dating before this pandemic, but since COVID-19 changed everything, their opinion changed too. The majority of singles in Portugal have an account on at least one dating platform. So if you want to meet somebody from Portugal, we advise you to do it online. It’s not only safer; it’s easier and cheaper. And you can use this weird time to get in touch with people you’ll go out with once the situation becomes a bit better.

Advancing in Practice

Bars and restaurants are still open in Portugal (you have to respect restrictions and working hours are different, though). That means you can go out on a real date if you meet somebody special online. If you’re wondering what Portuguese people like to do on dates, you can stop. They aren’t aliens. Take your date for a walk and continue talking about topics you’d start online. After a slow, romantic walk, you can grab a drink or eat some tasty Portuguese food. Most Portuguese people are foodies, so you can’t miss a nice meal. A huge plus for ladies is knowing a thing or two about football, or at least having a will to learn. That will take you directly to the hearth of your new Portuguese men. If you don’t care about sports, we’re sure you know who Cristiano Ronaldo is. Use that to your advantage. In the end, as long as you’re relaxed and natural, you’ll be fine while dating somebody from Portugal especially if you meet them online first. You’ll talk online, learn about each other, and when you meet your first date won’t have any awkward silences.

Despite everything COVID is throwing at us, we have to keep living. That includes dating. Everybody who’s looking for a fresh start in their love-life can find happiness in Portugal. Even if you aren’t there at the moment. You can meet locals, chat with them online, learn about their rich culture, and meet in person when you’re ready. Once the situation is calmed down, you’ll have many matches waiting for you, and you’ll get to travel to Portugal to meet them. It won’t be hard for you to adjust to the Portuguese way of living because they’ll welcome you like you know each other for decades.